Coinbase Customer Service

How To Contact Coinbase Customer Service?

To talk to a Coinbase customer service representative, dial 1(800)-786-5601. It would help if you stayed on the phone to speak with a live agent (typically, the waiting time is 1-3 minutes).

Alternatively, you could also use these other options:

  • If you suspect that your account has been compromised, press 1.
  • If you’re unable to log in, press 2.
  • you are having difficulty adding a payment method, press 3.
  • If you need to verify your I.D., press 7.
  • For requests for limit increases, press 8.

Services for Coinbase Customer Service

Coinbase customer service Hours Live customer service agents at Coinbase are available 24 hours per day. Coinbase customer service Phone Number

The Coinbase customer support phone number is 1(800)-786-5601
Coinbase Social Networks Customer Service Coinbase customer service have a Coinbase Facebook page

Chat with a Coinbase Support agent can be started on the Coinbase Contact Page or by clicking on the “?” button on the Coinbase Contact Page. Live Chat Support for Coinbase does not offer live chat support. Call Coinbase at 1(800)-786-5601 to get in touch with them.


  • Send your request using the email address that you used to sign up for Coinbase.
  • Select the relevant category and sub-category
  • They will not accept multiple tickets for the same issue.


They use Twitter to deliver Status informs concerning Coinbase products. They are unable to help with account-specific issues via Twitter due to security and privacy concerns.


They do not currently offer phone support with a live agent. If you suspect that your account has been compromised, you can immediately contact Coinbase Support. Providing a better experience for customers during times of increased interest in the crypto economy

Details about how they are improving your support experience. Before I go, let me reiterate that Coinbase is dedicated to serving its customers. It is an honor that they take seriously. They are aware that they have failed many of you and will do everything to change the course.

Here’s what’s happening

They see many support requests from existing and new customers when there is more interest in crypto. Many of you may be experiencing delays in your responses. They understand that this can be frustrating, regardless of whether you are a new user or an existing customer. They don’t want this to be your experience, their customers.

Here are their ways to do better

To offer you a faster and better support experience Their 24/7 Coinbase customer service team has grown by multiples. They will continue to increase their staff to help you solve your problems faster.

They’re adding more self-service options to help you resolve your issues at your own pace. Coin base Learn is a new website that they are expanding and has just been launched. It’s a one-stop-shop for both first-time investors and experienced investors.
They’ll be introducing a quicker way to contact them via messaging in the following months.

They will communicate with you more frequently via Coinbase Support social channels (Twitter and Reddit) about their progress.

Have you reached out to Coinbase Support?

They are committed to providing professional and quality service to you, their customers. Contact their Customer Service Team if you have previously contacted them about an issue. Coinbase has an escalated complaints process if you are not satisfied with the resolution to a problem.

Do I have the right to fill out the complaint form?

You had signed the User Agreement and the Borrower Agreement when you applied for your Loan/Line of Credit. Unless you are covered under the Military Lending Act, you have agreed that you will complete the Coinbase Complaint Settlement Process before you file an arbitration claim.You must submit a ticket to Coinbase Support before you can start the Complaint Resolution Process.

How do I complete the complaint form?

Please provide as much information as It is essential to include details about the problem and the reasons for your request. This form is the fastest and most secure way to file a complaint with Coinbase. You can also submit a written complaint by U.S. mail if you are unable or unwilling to use the online form. You must send a written complaint, which should include your support ticket number, to Coinbase Inc. at 82 Nassau St #61234, New York NY 10038. Postal mail submissions may take up to 10 additional days for processing.

What’s next?

After you submit your complaint, they will acknowledge receipt. Complaints Resolution Officer will send you a written response to your complaint within 15 business days via email to the address associated with the account. They may reach out to you in certain circumstances to clarify your submission. In these cases, they will respond as quickly as possible.

Update: Their Commitment to Supporting Coinbase Customers

Space saw a significant increase in mainstream awareness and growth. They saw a 40x increase in consumer demand for their Coinbase customer service, and transaction volumes between November and December 2012 increased by 295%. They visited last year’s extraordinary growth as an opportunity to examine their systems and create a plan to ensure that they provide the best support to their customers.

In the past 90 days, they have:

Their support team has been increased by more than15%. They have reduced the average time it takes for them to get a response. Ten hours 95%of incoming volume today.

These measures allow them to solve issues quicker and reduce the backlog.95%
Increasing capacity helps their customers understand digital currency and assist them with any account issues to meet growing demand. To meet the growing demand for education and support, they needed to hire more employees.

There are now over 600 agents in their support queues at three locations. They offer phone support 24/7.They were resolving the backlogs when January 2017 saw a lot of industry growth. Many customers experienced long wait times for their support team. Their engineering, product, and support teams worked together for ten days to solve the outstanding issues and prevent them from recurring. It allowed them to close out over 40,000 tickets in five days. Their backlog reached record levels in March despite the steady stream of tickets that were coming in from customers.

They continue to see a downward trend in their average time to first responders and first resolution. Their total volume of escalated cases is down to almost 80%. Despite all this, they are never satisfied with their work. Here are the following projects they are working on:

Coinbase Customer Service Phone Number

Published Service Levels: They will post their commitment time to resolution over the next 90-days so that their customers know the standards they set for themselves to provide fast solutions to their problems. Additional channels will soon launch chat support and social media in addition to email and phone.

Revamped Help Centre: Their Help Center will be updated by the end of the year to provide better accessibility, educational material, and an easy way to contact them. They are grateful to you, their customers.After receiving complaints, Coinbase promises a better customer experience

Coinbase has a problem. Coinbase has a problem. As Bitcoin’s popularity has grown, so has its customer base. Twitter is a quick way to see the whole story. One angry user complained earlier today that he had been having multiple issues with the Coinbase customer service over the past month, which has cost him $$$ and resulted in several open cases and 0% responses. Is it better to forget about the problem and wait for you to fix it? If your stock is publicly traded, this won’t be easy. They will be following up with the [SEC] shortly.”

Many (many) complaints are similar.

This editor wanted to be fully transparent and asked for more information about Ether’s customer service operations. After emailing support more than a dozen times and tweeting twice in ten days, the editor did not receive any response. (I purchased one Ether unit in 2018 through the platform. I wanted to gain access to my account, which was locked almost two years ago.

To its credit, Coinbase today issued a statement promising to do better. Casper Sorenson (V.P. of customer satisfaction) wrote that Coinbase today “committed to improving Coinbase customer service during this time-of-heightened.

Perhaps most importantly, Coinbase claims to offer live messaging with Coinbase representatives in the next few months. Coinbase doesn’t provide any live support. Only users who wish to freeze their accounts can call the help desk. It is not automated.
They asked the U.S. Treasury Department last week whether Brooks’ letter indicated a change in U.S. monetary policy. They did not respond.

Brooks’ reign is over. Brooks resigned this week to be replaced by Blake Paulson, an OCC career employee. He may also be returned in the coming weeks. There are questions about whether or not the agency’s attitude toward cryptocurrency will change with change.