Change Coinbase Password

Everyone uses Coinbase as the best platform to sell and do cryptocurrency transactions well. So, of course, it ensures a good one and makes sure to get the right platform forever. However, you must enter the site by using a password. Password is to secure your account and suit you well for the next transactions. They consider it an effective goal and can control it by focusing on Change Coinbase Password and resetting options.

Why Changing The Coinbase Password is Necessary?

If you want to change your Coinbase password, you must know the reasons well. First, it is due to updates and other security purposes. Second, it must consider a vital role in changing passwords within a short time. Third, they consider the effective goal and can focus on a good idea. When changing passwords, you must keep some important points in mind.

Steps To Change Coinbase Password

Do you need to change or reset your Coinbase password? Then, you are at the right destination. Of course, the steps are always easier and suit you well. If you haven’t changed the password, it is good to change it for security purposes. You must change your password once in 3 or two months. It will prevent hackers from accessing your account. If your current password is weak, you must Change Coinbase Password soon as possible. However, if you forget your password, you won’t be able to change the password. As a result, you must reset the Coinbase login.

  • At first, you must log in and navigate to the settings
  • On the settings page, you will be able to change your password by clicking Change password
  • Then, you must enter your old password as well as a new password
  • Finally, you will complete verification via OTP
  • Then, log in using a new password

How To Change A Password Using The Coinbase App?

On the other hand, the Coinbase app is easy for you to change the password directly. Of course, it delivers excellent solutions and explores something in the easiest ways. They develop a good one and can set out a new experience to change the password using the Coinbase app.

  • Sign in to Coinbase
  • Then the first step, you must log in to the Coinbase account
  • Go to the Coinbase website
  • Click on the menu icon by Signing in
  • Once you log in, enter your email address and password
  • Then, click sign in to your account
  • If you forgot the password, you have to reset it
  • Click on the menu

Change Coinbase Password Using a Profile Picture

If you want to change your Coinbase password, you have to change it using a profile picture. You can upload a new profile picture by clicking the upload option. However, you may see the Change password button under the profile picture. Then, take a look at 2-factor authentication by clicking on security settings.

Then, Go to the settings and change your password. Then, of course, click change password and enter the new password. When you change the password, you must enter an old and new password as well. Then, confirm the new password.

Change Or Reset Coinbase Password Using SMS

Of course, the user has to change or reset the Coinbase password easily using the SMS method. First, however, the user has to send an SMS to customer care and change the password. It delivers a wonderful method, and there is no trouble in changing the password of Coinbase. If you forgot the password, you could reset it immediately using SMS.

  • Go to the Coinbase site.
  • Enter the old password to reset it
  • Next, under the new password, enter a new password
  • Password cannot be similar to an old password
  • Under the confirm a new password, enter the new password again
  • Enter 2 step verification code and click confirm button
  • Once you receive a new password, scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • At the bottom of the page, enter 2 step verification codes
  • Check phone message for 7 digit code
  • Then, enter 7 fields
  • Resend SMS for Coinbase if you do not receive
  • When you enter 7 digit code, confirm to change your Coinbase password.
  • After changing your password, you must log in again to your account
  • Then, your password change successfully

How To Reset Your Coinbase Password

When you want to reset the Coinbase password, you must navigate the Coinbase sign-in page. It ensures a good method and can do the Coinbase password changing option. They ensure a good method and explore changes in the password. Then, click on forgot password and follow the on-screen instructions to reset the password. On the other hand, your Coinbase password has to change well by using reset options. You have to access the email anytime using the password. But, don’t forget the password and change well on-screen instructions to reset the password.

Importance Of Changing Coinbase Password:

On the other hand, the user has to Change Coinbase Password for several reasons. First, the Coinbase password should get a good one, and make sure to update the password within a short time. It will explore a lot and link to reset the Coinbase password easily. Finally, if you don’t want to access the email, you can contact Coinbase support to assist you with a password reset.

  • Go to Settings from the profile on the dashboard
  • Click on the Security tab on the Coinbase site or app
  • Then, click on the Change Password button.
  • after that, Confirm your current password. Then enter and confirm your new password.
  • Enter the second verification code they sent to your phone.

Need To Reset Coinbase Password

Finally, you must reset the password using the reset page. It will discover a new solution, associate with the Coinbase account, and select reset password. From the email, select reset password and be able to explore a new password with the next section for help.


Changing or resetting the Coinbase password is the easiest step to follow by the users. It will update changes at the right time and able to explore lots of things. They will enter a good one and explore the change in the password column.