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Convert Blockchain Wallet Bitcoin To Spendable

Bitcoin is gaining more popularity in the market. Many people prefer bitcoin for its benefits. If you are new to bitcoin, there are many things you must know. Bitcoins allow people to exchange money and transact more quickly than everyone usually does. You can handle the bitcoin wallet similar to the regular wallet.

You can store the bitcoin in the blockchain wallet. The blockchain allows you to pass information from one point to another that is entirely safe. Many people verify it.

Overview Of The Non-Spendable Bitcoin

Non-spendable bitcoin in the wallet means that people don’t have control over bitcoin. It is the bitcoin whose private key the users don’t have. You cannot be able to send the coin to anyone from the address without the private key.

The user is unable to show the ownership of the address. If anyone doesn’t have a private key, they don’t own bitcoin. The private key is essential to convert non-spendable BTC to spendable without any hassle. If you don’t have a private key, you cannot convert non-spendable bitcoin to spendable.

One can see all transactions in the blockchain without a private because it is open-source, but it is impossible to make the transaction. Once you have a private key corresponding to public keys, you can easily make non-spendable BTC.

Non-Spendable BTC Scam

Before using this, you should know about scams. If the person loses BTC in fraud, they are hopeless. Now you can find out the best way to hack into their wallet or other things to get back the bitcoin. You will end up meeting with the best bitcoin scammer that they hack into the wallet to recover the cost of BTC.

They will assure you that they will get back your lost asset. They ask the user to create a new blockchain wallet to recover the lost one. Before accessing the wallet, you have said to the scammer how much amount you have lost. Within a few days, they will put the lost BTC in the wallet, but it is marked as a non-spendable bitcoin.

They ask the commission to recover the lost bitcoin. You need to pay twenty percent of the money in advance to fix the lock and access your BTC. Many people will say to cut the bitcoin recovery task’s commission and send me the remaining bitcoin. They send the blockchain wallet address to the client to send them their commission. Once you are done with payment, they will ask you to wait one or two days to reach the lost bitcoin to their blockchain wallet once they have confirmation.

The user performs another type of scam. They will show many people’s feedback, a screenshot of big earnings, and others spoiling them. They may have feedback on popular social media channels. Using the fake id of some people, they send different posts like they recover the lost BTC with the agency.

How To Convert The Non-Spendable BTC To Spendable?

Once anyone gets scammed by the scammer, they can look out for the wallet’s non-spendable bitcoin. You should find the wallet, which has a particular bitcoin, and then import the wallet address to the blockchain wallet. It starts showing in the blockchain wallet as the non-spendable bitcoin. If you need to convert the non-spendable BTC to spendable, then you can follow the below-given steps.

Step1:- The first step is that the users need to login into the account and check the unconfirmed transaction on the blockchain.

Step2:- The latest unconfirmed transaction on the wallet comes with a hash id, bitcoin amount, the amount in USD, and time. Now you click on the hash ID that shows the fragment of the transaction with the transaction ID.

Step3:- They have complete details about the wallet address. It is a new wallet and has only one transaction, which is unconfirmed.

Step4:- Now go to your own wallet, which is opened only for the demonstration. Then hit on setting and click on the wallet and address option.

Step5:- A new page will open on display. It shows the wallet in the blockchain account and provides you a chance to create another bitcoin wallet in a similar account.

Step6:- In the import bitcoin address, you can get different options such as importing the existing address generated in the wallet and importing the current address generated outside the wallet. You can choose any one of the options. It means that they will import the bitcoin address that is not part of this account.

Step7:- If you click the second option, a new option appears. Sometimes the blockchain shows a warning in the blue color that the advanced user only accesses the particular feature. It means the people who have a clear idea about blockchain technology.

Step8:- You can copy the wallet address from Blockchain Explorer. Now you can paste the address and optional if you need to label the blockchain wallet.

Step9:- Then hit the import button and look out for what happened. Within a few minutes, you have imported that blockchain wallet into a specific address.

How To Manage Imported Address?

In the bitcoin wallet, importing addresses is an advanced feature. If you need to see the imported bitcoin address, you do the setting and choose wallet and address. It is essential to understand the private key and bitcoin address generation before importing the address. You must note the 12-digit recovery phrase.

When you lose access to the bitcoin wallet and utilize the backup express to get back, the fund and imported address will not recover. They transfer the positive balance on the imported dress to the blockchain wallet. Imported addresses have no label that is spendable. If you have the imported address private key, you can send the fund to that specific address. Non-spendable BTC means you have imported that address without the private key.

Keep in mind you need to have a private key to spend from non-spendable addresses. There are different kinds of wallets available such as software wallets, hardware wallets, paper wallets, etc. The non-spendable imported address will include in the wallet balance. If you imported a non-spendable public address, you should have a private key to spend the funds on imported addresses, or you imported addresses with a private key.

Bitcoin Is Not Anonymous

The people who are using bitcoin can put some effort into safeguarding the BTC. So anyone can see the transaction of the BTC address and balance. BTC is not anonymous that cannot provide the maximum level of privacy. They use a different mechanism to protect the confidentiality of the user.

At the time of purchase, the user identity behind addresses remains unidentified until details are revealed. It is the main reason why the BTC address must be used only once. You can use the right technique to protect the privacy of the bitcoin. Now private transactions are mostly used for illegal purposes with the BTC. It cannot be anonymous as cash, and it doesn’t prevent a criminal investigation from being conducted. Bitcoin helps to avoid lots of financial crimes.

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