How To Increase Send And Receive Bitcoin Limit

Cryptocurrency is one of the most popular investments in the digital era. Bitcoin is used for different applications like bill payments, money transfers, and much more. Now, many retailers and merchants are accepting cryptocurrency as a payment method. The crypto wallet is important to buy, sell and store bitcoin or other digital currencies. But many apps have limitations on how much digital currency you send and receive. Keep on reading the article to get more information on How To Increase Send And Receive Bitcoin Limit?

What is a BTC Wallet and How to Increase Send and Receive Limit?

A cryptocurrency wallet is one of the applications, which stores information about your digital assets. It enables the user to manage crypto transactions. The digital wallet holds private and public keys – the private key is a password, so you never share it with anyone. It provides you access to digital currencies safely. On the other hand, public keys contain letters and numbers, which identify the crypto wallet. Public keys are anonymous that cannot be used to find out the owner of the wallet.

If you lose the private key it increases the risk of losing the digital currency. So it is vital to keep your wallet private and secure. There are many crypto wallets available in the current marketplace. Every wallet comes with a certain limit for sending and receiving bitcoin or other digital currencies. You can get in touch with the customer support team and increase the limit of the wallet.

The followings are some steps on How to Increase send and Receive Bitcoin Limit?

Step1:- First of all, you should verify your wallet account. Verification needs your address, name, and date of birth.

Step2:- Next, add the payment method like bank account details, debit card, and credit card details.

Step3:- Verify the identity through document upload. Enter the taxpayer identification number, the government-provided identification document, and a valid photo ID.

Step4:- At last, the user has a $50,000 transaction limit each day if they verify their address. To increase the limit, you should submit the statement with the matching address, name, and date of issue within ninety days.

Some documents you need to provide to increase the transaction limitations include Brokerage statements, Bank passbook statements, Utility bills, Property tax statements, Credit card statements, mortgage statements, and much more. Now, the transaction limit is increased, so you can send or receive how many digital currencies you desire.

Why is the crypto wallet limit Low, and How to Increase send and Receive Bitcoin Limit?

The crypto wallet is straightforward software for selling, buying, and storing the digital currencies that make it popular. It allows the users to maintain the cryptocurrencies and make the transaction without trouble. If you are setting up a new account in the crypto wallet and noticed that the limit is low, you need to increase the limit.

There are two reasons why the crypto wallet limit is low such as geographical location and unverified wallet account. Many users are facing issues in the app due to these reasons. Let’s see why these two limitations are happening and get a solution for How To Increase Send And Receive Bitcoin Limit? It will help you to maximize your limit and transfer higher digital currencies to anyone you desire.

Lack of account verification

Many crypto wallet users are not completing the verification process, which is why the wallet limit is low. Several account levels depend on the information the user provides while creating an account in the wallet. The limit can differ from one account to another at a similar level. But the user who completed the verification process has a higher limit. There are different levels of account, and everyone has a unique capability. Take a look at three crypto wallet account levels:

  • The first level is basic, with a stronger limit on the transaction, but users don’t need to enter personal information. The user can make a small purchase regularly which increases the limit.
  • The second level enables the user for more than twenty-five daily transaction limits and access to many wallet features.
  • The third level is verified users, so they limit up to 50,000 dollars each day according to their wallet account.

The beginners are unverified that they may limit to buying up to a hundred dollars every day. It can maximize over time without offering verification details to improve the weekly or daily transaction limit. If you provide more information, you will obtain a higher account. The crypto wallet works with digital currency, so it needs verification to stop fraudulence and guaranteed the payment method is attached to the wallet owner.

One of the benefits of account verification is protecting the user from suspicious activities. It is the best method for which a crypto wallet works smoothly to offer a secure platform for buying and selling digital currencies. Being the verified user increases the wallet limit, and however, they offer a higher level of transparency among the user.

Geographical locality

You have a lower transaction limit based on your location. The users might notice that you have various transaction limits on crypto wallet purchasing and selling power. It applies to the number of purchases the user can make and digital currencies you can buy with. You can compare the transaction limit for your location from different crypto wallets in the market and choose the best one which suits your requirements.


You might want to transfer the money into the wallet with the increasing digital currency value. If anyone falls into these categories, you can follow the below-given instructions on How To Increase Send And Receive Bitcoin Limit?

  • Complete an account verification process
  • Wait for maximizes your limit over time
  • Add multiple financial supports
  • Get help from customer service

By using these tips, you can maximize your limit and enjoy the benefits of the crypto wallet capabilities. If you have any doubts about increasing the wallet limit, you can contact the customer support service. The expert is always available around the clock so you can get in touch with them. The skilled technician will understand your problem and suggest the right solution through the phone, email, or live chat.

Different kinds of crypto wallets

At present, you can find numerous types of crypto wallets in the marketplace. One wallet you select will base on your requirements. The different crypto wallet has various features such as convenience, security, user-friendly, and much more. Below are popular types of cryptocurrency wallets.

Cold wallet – This type of wallet is the opposite of the hot wallet. But it is a secure way to store digital currencies and allows the user to deal with the security personally.

  • A paper wallet stores the cryptocurrency asset offline by using external hardware. You can do this by printing out the crypto key on paper which provides a higher amount of protection.
  • Hardware enables the crypto key to store in the USB stick or hard disk and keep it in a safe location.

You use a PIN or password to provide extra security to the wallet. It is less flexible, but it can protect cryptocurrencies from malicious attacks.

Hot wallet – It is a web-based or online wallet used by many people around the world. This type of wallet enables the user to access the fund more easily than other wallets. In addition, it is free to use for sending and receiving digital currency.

  • The desktop wallet is downloaded and installed on the desktop. They provide higher security to the user and remember it can only access on the computer.
  • The mobile wallet is software that you need to install on the mobile phone. It offers people a higher degree of mobility. This wallet lets the person make a transaction on the move with no tension.
  • An online crypto wallet is a cloud-based solution that makes it popular. It allows people to access their digital currencies from anywhere around the world. Besides, this wallet is a flexible solution for cryptocurrencies user.
Why choose the best cryptocurrency wallet

The cryptocurrency wallet is decentralized, meaning there are no authorities controlling the network. You can do international transactions without trouble that doesn’t need a bank account. If you transfer a digital account from a different bank account, they charge the fee to complete transactions, and it will charge a lower transaction fee when transferring digital currencies. You can transfer cryptocurrency quickly through the wallet and save time.

Bottom Line

Are you looking at How To Increase Send And Receive Bitcoin Limit? Well, it is a simple process for new users to follow the steps mentioned earlier. The cryptocurrency wallet enables you to send digital currency immediately, which saves you time. It is single or multiple signed wallets that offer a safe transaction.