How To Withdraw From Binance To Coinbase

Cryptocurrency Exchange | Withdraw From Binance To Coinbase

These days, cryptocurrency has created a buzz in the world of investment options. Withdraw From Binance To Coinbase, People who are invested in cryptocurrency gain massive benefits in an unimaginable way! In the digital world, cryptocurrency is one of the safest and trusted forms of digital currency that has been a trend today. It has become a great source of investment and many people have started to buy different kinds of cryptocurrency from the digital market.

As an investor, you should thankful to the cryptocurrency exchanges since trading has been much easier. If you want to send and receive money in a safe way, it is time to register for a cryptocurrency account.

With this, investors can send, receive, sell, and convert cryptocurrencies into Indian currency on a daily basis! There are different forms of cryptocurrency platforms are available in the market, Binance exchange is a popular choice where you can transfer and receive cryptocurrency at any time, anywhere!

When you are ready to use the Binance cryptocurrency platform, you will be charged with low fees, greater security features, discount fees, and more! Due to a strong reputation in the market, it has been a popular choice for everyone and sending and receiving money could have been easier with the Binance cryptocurrency platform.

After using this cryptocurrency platform, you will come to know the easy process of transfer and receive of money! Keep reading the following article and sure you will come to everything about the Binance cryptocurrency platform!

What is a Binance exchange?

Binance exchange is one of the most popular cryptocurrency platforms where users can trade more than 40+ digital coins such as bitcoin, Binance coin, and more. With the help of this digital platform, traders can trade cryptocurrencies and generate higher returns in a short time.

Binance offers a crypto wallet for users where they can store the digital coins. Binance has its own Binance coin and helps investors to make the right investment decisions.

Key features of Binance exchange:

There are many features that make Binance cryptocurrency exchange popular since transferring and receiving money has been much easier! Here are some fascinating features of Binance exchange,

• Enhanced security:

When it comes to transacting amounts, Binance exchange is equipped with an added layer of security so that it helps you to protect your account from unauthorized entry.

You need to enter a key on a specific area and the Binance exchange verifies the request. You can create a list that you want to send and receive digital coins using a whitelist. Binance exchange will then automatically block the rest of the contacts. As a result of this, you are not allowed to send money to someone!

• Low withdrawal fees:

Binance does not ask you to pay any deposit fees and withdrawal fees also low! If you are withdrawing bitcoins using the Binance exchange platform, you will be charged with low transaction fees. You will be asked low fees per transaction and why traders love to use the Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Know the steps to convert the digital coins from your Coinbase Wallet

  • Once you have noticed that bitcoins or Binance coins have reached your crypto wallet, it is time to convert the cryptocurrencies into Indian money. Before withdrawing any of the amounts, you need to convert the digital coins into Indian money.
  • First, open the coinbase wallet and check out the availability of Binance coins on your wallet before converting them.
  • Visit the coinbase wallet, click on “Buy/Sell option! In that, you need to tap on “Sell” option. Enter the amount that you need to exchange into fiat currency and check out the availability of digital coins to complete the exchange procedure.
  • You will be charged with low withdrawal fees; you can either pay or cancel the exchange process.
  • If you are ready to pay transaction fees, you need to click on “Ok”
  • That’s all! Binance will do the exchange process and the desired amount will be deposited on your account. Within few hours, the fiat currencies will be deposited on your bank account.

How to withdraw money from Binance to Coinbase:

If you want to withdraw money from Binance to any trusted cryptocurrency platforms say “Coinbase”, follow the below-given steps,

  • Login into your Binance cryptocurrency exchange with the registered mail ID and password
  • Once you have entered into the account, you need to click “Wallet” option.
  • Under “Wallet”, users need to snap on “Fiat and Spot”
  • After that, you will notice “Withdraw” option to the right side and just hit on with a mouse
  • You need to tap on “Crypto” to exchange the digital coins into fiat currencies
  • From the available options, users need to choose the digital currency that they would like to withdraw
  • You need to generate a private key here. after that, enter a private key on an empty box and then you will be redirected to a next page
  • If you enter the wrong key, you will get a chance to lose your money and so pay attention when entering a key.
  • After that, click on BNB in the desired cryptocurrency exchange platform
  • Here, you will find three options, “Send”, “Receive” “Buy”
  • You are going to withdraw and so click on “Receive”
  • Copy the generated BNB address and enter on the Binance page where it is required
  • Hit on “Submit”
  • After that, Binance will send you a secret code to your registered mail and enter the secret code and submit the process
  • The exchanged fiat currency will then deposit directly into your bank account within few hours.

That’s all! The withdrawal process has been done successfully! You can hit back to the main page and have a look at the transaction history if you want! Withdrawing fiat currency from Binance to Coinbase or some other trusted wallet has been much easier!