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3 reasons why stellar lumens could be the best investment

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Stellar Lumens are the largest and most popular cryptocurrencies available in the present market. Ripple corporate actually works with banks across the world for disrupting international payments at an extremely professional level. Stellar Lumens aims to achieve the same cross-border transparency for everyone.

Stellar Lumen token for achieving its technology objects similar to the XRP token of Ripple. It is not only traded across the Stellar path but also translated into various real-world currencies to achieve a near-zero transaction fee. There are lots of reasons available for why stellar appears as the best investment option. This post shares with you three major highlighting facts about stellar lumens.

Make a massive change to Lumen tokens supply

You never mine Lumen, developed fresh tokens on the fly as you perform in other well-known systems like Bitcoin. Rather than this, and simply like Ripple, the stellar ones developed a hundred billion tokens at the launch of an entirely new cryptocurrency. Most significantly, the foundation can keep many tokens staked away, letting the trickle of fresh supply for reaching an open market at a controlled pace.

New features

The foundation of Stellar destroyed roughly about 55 billion Lumen tokens, irrevocably and permanently. Out of about seventeen billion Lumens, which are allocated to the operations of the foundation, five billion tokens are destroyed. Reserves for different giveaway programs dropped from forty-four billion to six billion units. Now, the partnership programs have better access to about twelve billion Lumens, also down from twenty-five billion. It is similar to a huge share buyback, which reduced the overall share level by fifty-five percentages in a standard stock structure. Every highlighting idea is different from this platform, but the effect is the same. The lower supply range equals increased prices for the units.

More power

Stellar Lumens are the most outstanding and reliable blockchain protocol. The real native cryptocurrency on this platform is XLM or Lumens. The stellar lumens are the projects which have enough power to change the way you think about blockchain. Along with this, it also changes the entire world.