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Buy Crypto on Pancakeswap Using Metamask and Trust Wallet

Do you want to explore how to buy Crypto on Pancakeswap using Metamask and Trust Wallet? If yes, then go through this guide and gather all the essential details regarding the process. It is essential to note that Pancakeswap supports only the BEP-20 tokens trading. Therefore you can’t use traditional currency like USD to buy crypto on this platform. Proceed further with this guide and know how to Buy Crypto on Pancakeswap.

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How to Buy Crypto on Pancakeswap?

Buying crypto on Pancakeswap is very simple when you have set up and connected the wallet. You have to ensure that you have already got BEP-20 tokens in the wallet. It should include some BNB that Pancakeswap used for the transaction fees.

  • Visit the Pancakeswap exchange page

At first, visit the official Pancakeswap website. Then click the trade option and that will direct you to the swap page. From here you will carry out the exchange process.

  • Choose the token for exchange

You can find the little exchange calculate on the swap page. Then you can choose the crypto that you like to exchange.

  • Choose the token for trading

Then use the same calculator and then choose the crypto that you want to trade.

  • Enter the crypto amount

Here you can enter the crypto coins that you want to exchange or the coins that you want to receive. After entering the amount into the field, then the other filed can be automatically calculated. Then a small breakdown will occur below the calculator.

  • Click swap option by reviewing details

When you ensure that amounts are correct and you are happy with slippage tolerance and fees, then you can confirm the swap.

  • Finally the process is completed

Using pancakeswap, you have bought the first tokens. Then the window will pop up and that let you understand that the transaction can be submitted. After that, it can show you the official link to explore the transaction details.

How to Buy Crypto on Pancakeswap With Metamask?

Check out below and explore how to buy crypto on pancakeswap with Metamask.

  • Create the wallet

At first, you need to create the metamask wallet. When you already have, and then proceed with the next step. If not, it is very simple as proceeding to by clicking the blue download option.
Then you need to create the strong password. After creating the strong password, then you need to copy and keep the password safe that you can do as per suggestion.
The password would be usually the 12 word phrase that you can use it to recover the wallet when you forget the password or any other thing happened to your device.

  • Add funds to the metamask

When the wallet is set up, you are required to fund it with BNB. It is the native token for BSC. The best way to make it possible for buying is by clicking the buy option.
The next way is by sending the asset from exchange or another wallet to metamask by copying the address simply and sending BNB to it.

Click the Binance smart chain option from the dropdown and then proceed further.

  • Connect the metamask to pancakeswap

Visit the official website to connect the metamask to pancakeswap. Then you can find the connect wallet option. Click on the option and then choose metamask from the wallets list. Then you will be connected to it. You can find the wallet icon and hence you get everything.

  • Buy crypto on metamask

At last, you can go to the trade option. Click on it and then choose the swap option.
Here it is assumed that you prefer to buy CAKE. CAKE is the native token for the pancakeswap. Then all you need to do is to enter the total amount of BNB that you wish to trade for CAKE.

Click the MAX option when you like to use all the BNB.

Slippage is the variation extent from the expected rate and it can be set at 0.5% by default. You can increase this based on the token of interest and how congested the network would be at the time when you like to trade.

You can find the swap option below when everything goes well. Click on the option and the trade can be done. You have bought the first crypto successfully on the pancakeswap through metamask.

How to Buy Crypto on Pancakeswap With Trust Wallet?

  • At first, you have to go to the trust wallet app
  • Then navigate to DAPPs which you can see it at the screen bottom
  • Find the pancakeswap which is under the DeFi section usually
  • Then you will be directed automatically from there to the exchange page of pancakeswap
  • Then you need to enter the total amount of crypto you want
  • Finally confirm the swap

Contact us To Buy Crypto on Pancakeswap:

If you any doubt regarding how to Buy Crypto on Pancakeswap, then you can contact the 24/7 support team today. The team is always ready to answer all your queries. You can ask for the solution when you have met any problem while buying crypto on pancakeswap.


How to buy token on Pancakeswap with trust wallet?

In trust wallet, you are required to swap BNB for BNB Smart Chain. Through that, you can easily buy token on Pancakeswap with trust wallet.

Can I use both trust wallet and metamask?

When have create more blockchains in metamask, then you can easily connect it to trust wallet.

Can I use the metamask wallet to pancakeswap?

Users can use the pancakeswap with metamask and then swap BEP20 tokens and then stake LP tokens and CAKE.

Does the pancakeswap work with the trust wallet?

Yes, of course, the pancakeswap work with the trust wallet. For that you need to open the trust wallet app and then go to settings option and click WalletConnect option. Scan the QR code and then the connection can be made.


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