Rockitcoin ATM

What is Rockitcoin ATM?

Do you want to buy and sell digital currency securely? Of course, you can switch to the best bitcoin ATM. The advent of the internet helps you find digital currency kiosk at an ideal location. Rockitcoin ATM is a trusted kiosk that protects the privacy of digital currency traders and investors. The kiosk allows users to ensure every transaction settle accurately and quickly. Rockitcoin ATM Support is helpful for people to know the procedure for buying and selling currency. People often choose Rockitcoin ATM to turn a digital asset into cash. It also offers a mobile app to buy, sell, trade, store, and transfer currency. Get your queries resolved by Customer Support Advisor. Our customer executives available 24*7 to solve your query ASAP by call 1(888) 985-7618 and live chat support.

Acquire Rockitcoin ATM Support To Set Up Wallet:

Setting up a wallet is an essential step for Crypto users today. Before reaching the ATM location, you must set up a wallet. A wallet is crucial for users to protect the currency from online threats and hackers. There are different reasons why people need Rockitcoin ATM Customer Service to overcome obstacles when setting up a wallet. The professional team lets you follow simple wallet setup steps and visit the kiosk.

  • First of all, download the ideal wallet app that supports Rockitcoin.
  • Then, you can click on create account on-screen and build a username.
  • Set up a secure password that manages maximum characters like one uppercase letter, one lowercase and number.
  • You can set a password that is easy to remember and never forget.
  • After that, select a four-digit pin that secures the wallet.

The basic setup can complete and go to the ATM location. A wallet is a mandatory element to pick up crypto. You can buy crypto from a kiosk and receive it as quickly as possible in your wallet. You can wait for a few minutes to obtain currency in your wallet.

Solve Rockitcoin Wallet Problem With Rockitcoin ATM Customer Service:

If you have a problem with your wallet, you can never worry about it. You can never make a delay to contact an expert and gain service quickly. They aid you immediately and solve a problem with your wallet. You can enjoy complete convenience when using Rockitcoin ATM Customer Service. It is necessary to backup your wallet account regularly.

Backup is an integral part of securing digital currency. When you lose log in details, you can never do anything. Recovery set up is a necessary process that helps professionals to recover details. They allow you to access the fund. Professionals debug the system to troubleshoot an issue.

  • Open wallet app and hit menu on the screen
  • Then, click on the gear picture
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page
  • After that, click on debug option and clear the watcher cache.
  • They log out of the account and log in.

The process will take a few minutes to re-sync details. They provide you with peace of mind and eliminate the problem. Experts get ready to overcome issues in wallet applications and engage users to use them without obstacles.

Utilize Rockitcoin ATM Customer Service To Buy Crypto:

Rockitcoin ATM makes buying process of digital currency simpler and more accessible. The transaction can carry out based on cash. You can never use a credit card to deal with transactions through ATM. Rockitcoin ATM Support provides a map to search for a location. If you stay in front of the machine, it will guide every step. It is necessary to keep a wallet before locating the kiosk. The wallet is ideal for holding a different range of currency and tokens.

Find Near By Rockitcoin ATM:

The kiosk can operate in almost every location and beneficial for users. You can access the map to browse nearby locations and locate kiosks as quickly as possible.

Ready For Buying Currency:

  • Once you reach the exact location, you can go to the machine and enter login details.
  • Then, touch buy coin and choose amount want to purchase.
  • ATM helps you to acquire currency quickly in the account more and more worth.
  • You can spend the ideal amount of money to get bitcoin.

Enter a Phone Number, Code Or Secret PIN:

Buying digital currency from Rockitcoin requires some identification. Users must provide detail like phone number and government-issued ID.

  • Users receive SMS on a device that will prompt them to enter the kiosk.
  • It is mandatory to verify user identity.
  • Customers enter the secret PIN created when they first visit.
  • It shows a solid warning to safeguard assets from unnecessary activities.

Choose Crypto:

  • After the machine verifies identity, it shows a list of currency to users.
  • You can touch on a suitable one in the list and begin the process.
  • Once you choose the currency, the machine asks you to enter wallet details.

Enter Digital Address:

It is necessary to input digital addresses in the machine and acquire currency quickly. Crypto ATM sends purchased money to the desired account. You can pick up Rockitcoin ATM Support if you doubt your digital address.

  • Scan wallet QR code is mandatory compared to typing address in machine
  • To identify QR code, click on horizontal lines and click request
  • The app will display code and look at a currency that wallet recognize
  • To scan the QR code, keep the wallet in front of the machine’s keypad.
  • Code will open on the device and manage them in the scanner.
  • You can adjust the phone angle that helpful for scanner reading code
Confirm Address:

Users must double-check their addresses after scanning them. People consider that the ATM matches the address shown on the device.

Place Cash:

Once confirm your wallet address, the kiosk will ask you to enter cash. You must place some money to pay for digital coins. Kiosks show wallet addresses and let you recheck them. People need Rockitcoin ATM Support to know how fast the amount will reach the account. They guide users to follow every step carefully. The machine shows the amount that users insert. You can touch the finish option to complete the process when you insert cash. You can get a receipt and close the window. The coin will reach the account, and you manage it safely.