Yubikey Crypto Wallet Support Number

Whether you are a newbie or experienced in the world of Crypto, you know that security is the biggest threat that every crypto enthusiast should deal with. Even though buying and selling cryptocurrencies matter a lot, storing and keeping your crypto assets safe is extremely difficult. You have to use the wallets specially designed for storing and securing crypto-assets space. Even though many wallets are available, Yubikey Crypto Wallet is highly beneficial for crypto users.

Have you ever heard about the YubiKey? Experienced traders will surely know about this wallet because it is the most secure crypto exchange. It is extremely suitable for making high-value and quick transactions. It renders the best and most efficient option for protecting your logins and transfers along with the trades. Being a newbie, you want to know much about this crypto wallet. Well! Scroll down the page. Get your queries resolved by Customer Support Advisor. Our customer executives available 24*7 to solve your query ASAP by call +1 (877) 920-0441 and live chat support.

Things To Know About Yubikey Crypto Wallet

Yubikey Crypto Wallet makes securing crypto exchanges, high-value transactions, and accounts easy and safe. It is one of the most robust ways to protect your trades, logins, and transfers to the exchange level. It provides private keys for the users to protect them against hackers.

Yubico has designed the small device YubiKey to protect your information on the internet. It performs by rendering an enhanced version of 2FA (two-factor authentication). If you are an active user in the crypto trading world, you will know about the google authenticator. It is a major tool to secure your crypto exchange accounts with two-factor authentication.

Both Google authenticator and YubiKey provide the same type of service. 2FA now witnesses as the mandatory security feature to have. Even though Google authenticator provides an effective service, it makes you confront many troubles such as loss of access and assets. But, YubiKey 5C NFC prevents such circumstances from happening with its in-built NFC technology.

It also adds an extra layer of hardware security to your accounts and removes the requirement for another type of cryptocurrency wallet.

Yubico provides YubiHSM, the smallest hardware security module in the world. It enhances the protection for the cryptographic keys and acts as the best blockchain asset at an affordable cost. It renders great stability and is tamper-resistant to defend against the remove attacks.

With the phishing resistance, it protects your crypto accounts against hackers. When you choose this crypto wallet, you will obtain high-end security for your crypto assets. So, you do not need to think much about crypto wallet security and usage.

What are Features Of Yubikey Crypto Wallet?

You can now secure the cryptocurrency and the blockchain assets using the crypto-backed hardware wallet. According to the recent report, people spent about 10% minimizing their credentials. Over 80% of breaches occur in the crypto world. So, users need to take the necessary steps to safeguard their cryptocurrency. Among them, the use of the Yubikey Crypto Wallet is highly popular due to its following features.

  • Flexible Yubikey upgrades
  • Highly cost efficiencies
  • Assured with authentication software to gain the vulnerability for the modern phishing
  • Efficient option for protecting against the MITM (Man-in-the-middle) attacks
  • Re-typing code reduces the time for the transaction
  • Reasons to use Yubikey crypto wallet
  • Selecting and accessing the Yubikey hardware wallet helps you save more of your time.
  • It acts as the best option for enhancing the stability of your crypto transactions.
  • It is the most affordable and powerful option, adding HSM (hardware security module) to enhance security.
  • Enjoy the complete freedom of doing whatever you want and enjoy the best solution.
  • The entire process is easy to follow and understand. So, you do not need to be tech-savvy to utilize this crypto wallet.
  • Yubikey Crypto Wallet is highly robust and easy to delay and manage across several platforms.
  • It has the strongest security features, and thus you do not worry about anything.

How Do You Set Up Yubikey Crypto Wallet Using Coinbase?

As soon as you decide to use this crypto wallet, you should follow the below-mentioned steps carefully. It helps you to set up a Yubikey cryptocurrency wallet using Coinbase.

  • Step 1 – At first, you should open the Coinbase profile and press settings.
  • Step 2 – Add the Security tab, and now your YubiKey is ready to access
  • Step 3-Tap the select button on the security key option and click on continue
  • Step 4 – Read the security key restrictions note to be on the safer side.
  • Step 5 – Press settings and choose the 2FA method. Then, it is time to insert YubiKey.
  • Step 6 – Tap on the Window Security Key setup and type in your security key PIN code
  • Step 7- If possible , you should add the YubiKey security key.

How To Use YubiKey Wallet?

If you decide to use YubiKey for your cryptocurrency asset security purposes, carefully go through the following steps.

  • Once you have received your device, you should not plug it into your phone or computer to start accessing it. Go to your preferred cryptocurrency exchange, such as Coinbase.
  • Register yourself in the crypto exchange, navigate the settings tab, and locate the 2FA feature.
  • After selecting that feature, plug your YubiKey device into your computer. Or else, touch it to the backside of your mobile.
  • It starts to register when the human touches the device. That’s it! The device sets up everything and gives you ultimate protection.

What are the Benefits of Accessing YubiKey Crypto Wallet?

  • Look below to know the potential benefits you get from accessing the Yubikey Crypto Wallet.
  • Get access to the advanced 2FA security that helps you enjoy peace of mind when accessing crypto assets.
  • It safeguards your cryptocurrency assets on the exchange level. So, you will stay worry-free and store your crypto assets safely.
  • It is extremely durable and available in different models to pick from. Although it looks a bit expensive, it is beneficial for your spending because of its advanced security technology.