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Since this wallet is extremely easier to use, anyone can utilize this wallet to store their crypto assets. The unique security measures and customer-friendly prices make the wallet stand out from the crowd. If you want to know more about this wallet, scroll down the page. Get your queries resolved by Customer Support Advisor.

What Is A Keepkey Wallet?

One of the costliest hardware wallets in the crypto world is the Keepkey wallet. It is more popular for its premium look and sturdy aluminum case. This HD (Hierarchical deterministic) hardware wallet lets you store multiple cryptocurrencies and utilize them on the go.

Initially, it was the fork of the Trezor wallet. Later, the developers developed the hardware wallet with a larger screen and great looks. It is also created in a way that maximizes the user experience.
You can connect KeepKey to the laptop or computer using the USB. Keepkey Wallet works well with all the popular operating systems 0 Windows, Linux, and macOS. Since the plug-in interface has a minimalist design, everyone can use this wallet without technical knowledge.

Facts About The Keepkey

  • Keepkey is a beautifully designed wallet that gives you great security assurance.
  • In 2015, Darin Stanfield had launched this wallet and obtained it by Shape Shift in 2017. Shape Shift is a popular and well-known cryptocurrency exchange.
  • The HD wallet generates and stores several numbers of private keys and sign transactions.
  • You do not charge any fee for accessing the wallet. It means that Shape Shift does not make any trade crypto commission fee.
  • Keepkey Wallet supports all the world’s leading cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and Litecoin.
  • Since your KeepKey is PIN-protected, it never falls into the wrong hands. So, you will not require thinking about security much.

How To Open The Keepkey Wallet Account

Go Through The Following Steps Carefully To Open The Wallet Account Properly And Quickly.

  • At first, you should install the Chrome extension (KeepKey client) for your wallet from the Chrome web store.
  • Upon the completion of the installation, you have to connect KeepKey to your PC with the help of a USB cable. Ensure you see the logo on the device screen when it establishes the connection.
  • Then, follow the instructions that appear on your PC and device screen appropriately. When you obtain a prompt to update your device firmware, tab update firmware.
  • Now, you will get the question “whether you wish to configure the old device or receive the new one.” Go with the first option by long-pressing the device button. Wait until the completion of the update.
  • Next, you will ask whether you have the backup of the recover phrase. As it is the first setup, try to ignore this and long-press the button again. You have to tab “initialize KeepKey” to start the configuration process.
  • Click on the “choose the label” tab to name your device. Then, you will get the prompt to choose the desired PIN for securing your device access. You should be careful in this step as the KeepKey will code the digits as the added safety measure. Confirm the PIN by re-entering it.
  • Then, you will get the prompt to write down the recovery sentence. Ensure you write the words in the same order as they appear on the screen. Click the device button to display the next work to write everything.
  • That’s enough! You can access your KeepKey wallet now and add the cryptocurrencies of your choice.

How To Add The Cryptocurrencies To Keepkey Wallet?

Get your Keepkey Wallet address to access your wallet. For this, you need to create an account. Your wallet will create the Legacy Bitcoin account by default during the configuration process. However, it is necessary to create accounts for individual coins. So, before adding Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Ripple to the wallet, you should create the relevant accounts. Then, you have to open your KeepKey Chrome client in your browser.

After that, connect the device and press “Add account” at the bottom right corner. Choose the cryptocurrency as your need using the drop-down menu and click “add account” once completed. Name the account for ease of identification and click “add account.” You have to wait until the completion of the account creation process.

Tab on The Account And Then Press “Receive” To Get The Account Address.

Now, you can copy the address and paste it on another wallet to send the cryptos to your KeepKey hardware wallet. Contrary to this, you can purchase cryptos on the exchange and send them to your wallet by accessing the address. So, this is the simple procedure you need to follow to transfer/add cryptocurrency to your wallet easily.

Is Keepkey Wallet Safe To Use?

Yes! Keepkey Wallet is extremely safe to access because it has multiple safety features. These features work together to keep your cryptocurrency safe and secure. Here are the major security features that your wallet renders.

The private keys generate automatically at the time of the device initialization process. Since the device generates unique keys all the time, you have to store them to avoid the chance of hacking. Due to this, the wallet comes with private key storage. It helps you to generate and store an infinite number of private keys.

The wallet uses a PIN code to give ultimate protection from unauthorized use. Anyone can utilize the device without the PIN. Since the PIN entry attempts are limited, you do not worry about anything.
The device also generates a 12-word recovery sentence to back up your wallet. So, whether the device is locked or lost, you will use this recovery phrase to restore your account easily.

Benefits Of The Keepkey Wallet

  • Cold storage
  • Premium and sleek design
  • Multi-currency support
  • Multi-level security features
  • Attractive price
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Secure hardware wallet

Keepkey Wallet (FAQs)

Is It safe to use Keepkey Wallet?

Keepkey Wallet helps you manage, store, and spend your cryptocurrency safely. However, there are several types of blockchain wallets, each of which has its own level of security. Wallets that store your private keys offline, such as cold storage wallets, are usually considered more secure.

Are Crypto Wallets Safe from Hackers?

Several security features in blockchain technology prevent hackers from corrupting the data. In exchange for taking over a blockchain, a cryptocurrency hacker can steal tokens from sources such as wallets or cryptocurrency exchanges.

How do Wallet keys work?

To authorize cryptocurrency transactions, private keys are long alphanumeric codes. They function similarly to passwords. With the help of encryption, your wallet generates your private key, which is used to create your public key (the address of your wallet).

What is the proof of keys?

One can expose insolvency by withdrawing once a year from central parties. Central parties claim that their crypto is there, but Proof of Keys tests to ensure that it is actual.