Why Ellipal Wallet Is Better Option To Store Cryptocurrencies

Have you decided to start your journey in the Cryptocurrency world? Well, you can choose the best crypto wallet to store, sell and buy digital currencies. Now, there are lots of cold and hot wallets in the market. But Ellipal Wallet is the secure cold Wallet for cryptocurrency investors. Manufacturers use a single piece of metal and air-gapped technology to construct this Wallet. Get your queries resolved by Customer Support Advisor. Our customer executives available 24*7 to solve your query ASAP by call and live chat support.

The hardware wallet manufacturer does not have any access to coins and tokens. The user has the entire Wallet ownership, so they can sell or buy the crypto whenever they desire. A common problem of the cold Wallet is what drives the individual away. This brand fixes all issues by providing a user-friendly interface and excellent security features. It makes the hardware wallet a popular option among crypto traders. Please continue reading to know how Ellipal hardware Wallet works, set up the Wallet, and its benefits. Get your queries resolved by Customer Support Advisor.

How Ellipal Wallet Works

Ellipal Titan allows the user to create a crypto account offline. It involves creating the private key and public key. You should keep the private key safely in the hardware wallet and share the public key with the crypto app. With the QR code, an individual can connect Ellipal Wallet and application.
The application sends the crypto transaction details to the Wallet. They confirm the transaction with the help of a private key and send coins. The cold Wallet supports lots of cryptocurrencies and tokens such as BTC, LTC, EOS, ETH, BTX, DASH, TRC20, BEP, TRC10, ERC20, and much more. In addition, The user cannot check the balance on Ellipal Titan.

IP65 sealed. The wallet body is shockproof and waterproof, preventing attacks from the supply chains. It is mobile-oriented, so you can update, backup, and recover the firmware offline without trouble. Ellipal Titan cold wallet is ideal for storing cryptocurrencies and keeps them secure from hacking and phishing damage.

Instruction To Setup Ellipal Wallet For Beginners

If you are new to Ellipal Wallet and need to create an account, you can follow the below-given steps. Creating a new account in the hardware wallet is easy.

  • Turn on the ELLIPAL Titan device and select desired language. Click on the Next button and pick to Create Account option.
  • Enter essential information and set up the passphrase. It is vital to recovering the crypto wallet.
  • Choose create account option and read conditions carefully
  • Write down mnemonics and keep them secure. Click the right words to confirm the mnemonics and hit Verify Mnemonics option.
  • Choose BTC or other coins you need included in the Crypto account and end the process.

Add Account To Ellipal Application

After creating an account on the Wallet, you should pair it to Ellipal App for making transactions and checking balance. Let’s see steps to pair account to Ellipal application:

  • Choose the icon to the right of the screen if you have created an account.
  • Now, connect to app page will open and go to elliptical App
  • Pick to add account option and click Connect to Cold Wallet
  • Hit on Connect to Cold Wallets. After that, your device camera will open
  • Scan the QR code on the Ellipal Titan with the smartphone camera. Click on the autoplay feature that allows plays via QR code robotically when holding the device camera.
  • Complete scanning QR code and look at the new hardware wallet account on your handset.

Send Transactions

Now it is time to send or receive the coin in the crypto wallet. Using the QR code, you can make the transaction faster.

Reason To use Ellipal Wallet

Ellipal Wallet is an exciting hardware wallet with Anti-disassembly and Anti-Tamper functions. It enables the user to stay in peace of mind when storing coins and tokens in the cold Wallet. Now, many people are switching to the Ellipal cold Wallet due to its outstanding features. Here are some reasons why should you invest in an Ellipal hardware wallet:


Many wallets need to connect through Bluetooth and USB to work smoothly. But Ellipal Titan wallet is completely different because they use QR codes to make transactions instead of Bluetooth or USB cable. They are 100% air-gapped that keep the private keys safe. In addition, the Wallet does not have any connection ports.

Simple To use

Compared to other crypto wallets, Ellipal cold Wallet is easy to use. The device has a big color touch screen, which allows you to use it without trouble. The hardware wallet works together with the mobile application, and it sends all transactions to the blockchain. The App aids the user to manage their account while traveling and lets them look out the current price of a certain currency and the latest news.

Ellipal Titan wallet supports more than a thousand coins and tokens, so it is ideal for multiple cryptocurrency users. On the other hand, the user can open three or five accounts for various purposes. It provides you freedom for managing a single cold crypto wallet. Also, the Wallet offers a quick recovery process, which eliminates the risk of losing coins and tokens.

Protect Coins From Internet Attacks

Another reason for using this cold crypto wallet is offering security against internet attacks. If anyone stoles your crypto wallet, you can fight to transfer all coins and tokens out. The hacker is getting skilled and creative nowadays. They find different methods to hack the Wallet and access them. Besides, they install some software and wait for the Wallet owner to use the device to steal their password.

Install anti-disassembly and anti-tamper functions in the Wallet. They will activate if the device detects breaches. The system will delete the entire data if anyone tries to break your cold Wallet to open and protect information. The device is sealed inside the metal case, which means it withstands extreme physical abuse.

Bottom Line

Ellipal Wallet is air-gapped that safeguard the user from network attacks. It is not only safe but also easy to use and portable. You can set up an account in the hardware wallet by using above mentioned steps. The hardware wallet comes with amazing features that offer cryptocurrency transactions effortlessly.