How To Fix Trust Wallet Not Showing Transaction History

Trust wallet, one of the leading Crypto wallets present on mobile phones is in the non-custodial category. This wallet is prefer by many people because of its ease of storing, receiving, swapping and sending Crypto currencies and that too across more than one blockchains. The decentralize apps as well as exchanges can also be access via this app using its DApps browser. Read Here For Fix Trust Wallet Not Showing Transaction History.

Despite the fact that the Trust wallet has multiple features, there is always a possibility of error or any malfunction. There has an issue that is doing rounds on the internet stating that people are not able to see their update balance in the Trust wallet after a token is purchase or any wallet is import into application. 

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    Why is the Transaction History not Showing or getting update on the App?

    If you are one of those people whose balance is not visible or getting update on the trust Wallet application, there can be multiple reasons behind it.

    The most common reason behind this issue is that people buy certain tokens on Uniswap or Pancake swap that are decentralize exchanges and they do this without putting the contract address in the list that contains all tokens available in the balance section on the Trust wallet app. There is another common reason  that might be the reason behind the balance not being available on the app and that is you might  have forgotten to  add the contract address available with the tokens present in the wallet earlier. 

    Other reasons can be poor network or a delay in the confirmation of a transaction or you might have transfer a token that was unsupport in your wallet.

    How to Fix Trust Wallet Not Showing Transaction History?

    There are multiple ways of fixing this issue but the procedure depends on the root cause of the issue. Try to remember what was your previous action on the app before the issue started.

    Method 1: Add Token in Your Balance

    After purchasing any token on the pancake swap app,  forgetting to add the contract address of the token can be a reason why the balance is not being update. If that is the case you can follow the below listed steps by adding the token. 

    Step 1: Copy Contract Address of Token

    The token you wish to add to the app, try to get the contract address that is an address you has use while purchasing a token on QuickSwap, UniSwap or PancakeSwap. If this address is not available, go to EtherScan/BscScan, CoinGecko or CoinMarketCap and then you can search for the token in the search bar by typing its name. After the search result pops up,  copy the address where all the necessary details of the token are visible. 

    Copy Contract Address of Token

    Another alternative method is to ask for this address in the telegram group or Subreddit/Discord chat.

    Step 2: Launch Wallet and go to Filter Icon

    Launch this trust Wallet application on your phone and go to the filter icon that is present on the right corner at the top. You can also click on the Add Tokens option that is present at the bottom under the list that shows available balances in the wallet.

    Launch Wallet and go to Filter Icon

    Step 3: Paste the copied Address

    Paste the copied contract address in the input area present on the top.

    Step 4: Tap on toggle

    Tap on toggle

    Click on the toggle button present in front of the token in order to add it in the Trust Wallet.

    Step 5: Refresh balances on home screen

    Go back to the homepage on the Trust wallet app and the balance should be visible now. If it successfully shows the correct balance this means the Fix Trust Wallet Balance Not Showing or Updating and the same process can be repeat for adding the tokens purchase in the wallet previously.

    Refresh balances on home screen
    Method 2: Try to check the Internet Connection

    Trust Wallet falls in the category of hot Wallet that implies that in order to carry out any kind of  activity like  updating balance or price,  it should be connect to the internet. Slow internet can result in balances not being update or visible in the wallet. You can switch from Wi-Fi to cellular data or even use a VPN in order to check the issue. 

    Method 3:  Try to re-import the Wallet

    If the balance is still not showing after adding the token and your internet is perfectly working you can try to re-import the wallet. Before re-importing make sure you backup the recovery phrase of the Trust wallet. Click on Settings>Wallets>3 dots present on side>Show Recovery

    After this, the wallet needs to be delete from the Trust Wallet. Go to Settings>Wallets>Swipe Wallet you wish to delete>Click Delete>Click OK for removing the wallet.

    Click on ‘+’ present on top of ‘Wallets’>Select Multi Coin Wallet. You need to paste the recovery phrase that was copy earlier and enter a wallet name. You can also leave it on default settings.

    Method 4: Wait

    Sometimes, this issue can be momentary as well. So, you can try waiting as well if it fixes the issue and check back again sometime later.

    Method 5: Contact the Support Team of Trust Wallet

    If the above listed solutions do not work, you can reach out to the Support Team of Trust wallet in order to try for other suggestions. Raise a ticket by going to the Trust Wallet Support and Feedback Forum. Please note that you are not suppose to give the recovery phrase even on being ask. and Fix Trust Wallet Not Showing Transaction History

    Key Takeaway

    We can understand that if the balance doesn’t show up, it may sound scary. Do not panic if you face this issue, try to go through the steps listed here and if nothing works, contact the official team of Trust Wallet and they might understand the problem better.

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