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How Do I Get My Money Back From CoinFlip
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Steps To Get My Money Back From CoinFlip

Steps To Get My Money Back From CoinFlip

Digital transactions are growing day by day and are definitely the future. The process of transaction seems like a seamless process completed in seconds but there are many steps involved behind these transactions completed in seconds.And with the advent of cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin ATMs have also become a large hit among people. And one such ATM is CoinFlip Bitcoin ATM who happens to be one of the most popular ones.

A Detailed Guide

The transactions are actually irreversible but if you have encountered any issue regarding the same, you are at the right place. There are many people who struggle with the procedure of getting money back from CoinFlip ATM.Guess what, you find yourself among those people you do not need to worry anymore as we have laid down a procedure in detail in the following blog:

Possession of Receipt:

In order to get the money back from CoinFlip ATM, make sure you have the receipt. A receipt is generated after the transaction that contains details like transaction ID, amount sold/purchased and wallet address as well. This receipt is a proof of the transaction done and helps in further issues if encountered.

Reaching out to Customer Support Team:

For any complaint and getting the money back, CoinFlip has a proper customer support team that helps the customers with all the issues they encounter. They can be contacted via email, phone or their own website too. They might require the details of the transaction that you are supposed to give them.


Before you reach out to customer support, make sure you have all the documents ready since you may need anything at any point. You can have screenshots, error pop-ups/texts you saw when the transaction failed. This can help the customer support team to understand your case better and arrive at a solution faster.

Verification of Identity:

For processing the request, your identity verification may be done by CoinFlip as they need to do this in order to track the frauds, suspicious activities and comply with rules. Always be ready with your IDs that can include ID issued by the government aka passport, license, etc.

Reviewing Refund Policy:

Before you hop on to do a transaction at CoinFlip ATM, make sure you have read the rules of refund policy thoroughly. This will give you a better insight of what can be done under what conditions for a refund.


You need to wait after raising the issue as the time taken for solving it may depend on the severity of the issue and the follow-up procedure. But even after waiting for a certain time period as said by the support team, your money doesn’t come back, you can reach out to legal authorities. However, if the money is returned back before this step is taken, it is best for your peace and pocket since it can consume a lot of money and time too.

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Key Takeaway

Though CoinFlip ATMs have made the process of buying/selling crypto easier, all the steps should be taken with utmost care in case of any issue from keeping the receipts to having the necessary IDs. Make sure you always proceed with the transactions in a secure manner.


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