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How To Buy & Sell Bitcoin?

The majority of you have no idea how to buy or sell Bitcoin. Crypto or Bitcoin investments are becoming increasingly popular as people start on a crypto journey. There is no consensus on the exact method for buying & selling crypto, so we’re going to share the exact method to buy or sell Bitcoin using any wallet.

Here we’ll help you pick out the right crypto for you and guide you step-by-step through the process.

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What is Bitcoin cryptocurrency?

There is no need for intermediaries such as banks or other financial institutions to facilitate the transfer of Bitcoin between two parties. Originally introduced in 2009, it was developed on Blockchain, but at that time, people weren’t familiar with it. The interest in blockchains and bitcoins increased once people learned about blockchain technology.

Steps To Buy Bitcoin:-

Here are some easy steps that you have to follow to buy bitcoin

Step1:- Choose the right platform

Before starting your journey in the crypto market, you need to research which wallet is suitable for you on the platform or wallet. Once you know which platform is good for you to invest in Bitcoin, Then move to the next step.

Step2:- Create your account

Once you’ve decided which wallet is excellent and suitable for you. Then create your account by simply using your e-mail, name, number, etc. These are some basic details that you need to add to your wallet to create an account.

Step3:- Add funds to your wallet

To buy Bitcoin you need funds so, that you can buy Bitcoin. Once you’ve created the account then connect your bank account or PayPal account to your suitable crypto wallet to buy & sell Bitcoin.

Step4:- Buy Bitcoin

Once you add the funds, now everything has been set up and your next step is to buy your first Bitcoin.

Step5:- Process to buy Bitcoin

Here is the simple step to buying Bitcoin currency, first you need to find Bitcoin in your wallet, then click on Bitcoin to buy. Once you click on the buy button then enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to buy. Then process your payment and you’ve bought Bitcoin.

Buying bitcoin on your wallet is as easy as following these 5 steps. Due to the fact that many of you have not yet been able to sell bitcoin exactly, we are going to share with you the simple and easy way to sell Bitcoin.

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Steps To Sell Bitcoin:-

Some simple steps to sell bitcoin easily

Step1:- Log in to your wallet

First, you need to visit the wallet and log in to your account. Once you logged in then move to another process.

Step2:- Go to your account

Once you logged in to your account, then go to your wallet section and click on Bitcoin that you’ve bought in your wallet or platform.

Step3:- Sell your Bitcoin

Now, go to the “sell” section and click on the button, then enter the amount that how much amount of Bitcoin you want to sell then process the payment and your Bitcoin has been sold.

You can easily sell your Bitcoin in your wallet by following these 3 steps. This is the basic procedure that you should follow regardless of the wallet you use. By following these steps anyone can buy/sell Bitcoin.

How Do Bitcoin And Crypto Work?

Digital wallet apps are basically files stored on smartphones or computers that contain Bitcoins. Bitcoins (or parts of one) can be sent to you by people and you can send them to others. With Blockchain technology, every single transaction, regardless of how small or large, is recorded. It doesn’t matter how old the transaction is, you can easily track it with blockchain technology.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology

There are so many advantages of blockchain technology that help to understand the exact concept of blockchain technology.


Whenever changes are made to a transaction, all nodes in the network see them, so the histories of transactions are transparent everywhere. This actually an amazing advantage of blockchain technology.


The use of blockchain technology can streamline traditional paper-based processes, enabling transactions to be completed more efficiently and faster. As a result of the time-consuming nature of paper-based processes, human error is common, and third parties are often required to facilitate the process. This is another feature of blockchain technology.


Blockchain technology stores information decentralized, with the zero-knowledge proof being used to prove the accuracy of the data without revealing anything about the data to the other party. The information is then verified by everyone by zero-knowledge proof.


A blockchain can have a significant impact on the way critical information is presented to your organization. Blockchain technology prevents fraudulent activity and unauthorized activity by creating unalterable records that are encrypted from end to end. Your data and your information will always remain private with Blockchain, so no one will be able to access them or misuse them.

Open source

Everyone can participate in contributing to blockchain technology, anyone doesn’t need permission from anyone to join the distributed network, which is one of the major advantages of blockchain technology.

These are the major reasons that make blockchain technology different and special because of its so many advantages. Although it has some disadvantages you need to understand that everything that exists has good and bad. But overall blockchain technology is good and it is the future that we need to know about.

Is blockchain technology secure?

In the blockchain, synchronized transactions occur on multiple independent computers, often called nodes, using a decentralized ledger that exists on many independent computers. As opposed to traditional trading models that are based on a central ledger that is linked to a clearinghouse or exchange. This means that it is safe since it cannot be hacked or tracked in any way. Nobody can manipulate your information which means your information is always safe and secure for investors.

Bottom Line

In this blog, we’ve mainly covered how to buy/sell Bitcoin which will help you to understand how to complete the process. Along with it, we’ve also covered blockchain technology that would also help to understand deeply about blockchain technology which helps to invest in crypto. We’ve shared each and every piece of information related to blockchain technology and crypto.