How to Connect Coinbase Wallet to Metamask

Using a perfect wallet is increasing in demand among many crypto owners today. Coinbase wallet lets crypto owners store digital currency. Users discover decentralized web with Dapp browsers and utilize an application like Opensea and Uniswap. You can maintain private keys and keep the asset on a device without using an exchange or centralized broker. Crypto owners understand simple requirements to Connect Coinbase Wallet To Metamask. You can never link your wallet to a bank account or purchase and sell an asset with fiat currency.

  • With the help of a Coinbase wallet, you can access decentralized innovation.
  • You have significant benefits from buying and storing digital assets on the Ethereum network, gathering digital NFTs, and surfing the decentralized app.
  • The wallet lets users send digital currency to anyone in the world.
  • You will identify a Coinbase wallet that works like Metamask.
  • It comes with a different set of functionality and feature.

Crypto users understand simple steps to connect their wallet to Metamask and discover different things. It helps you dive into the decentralized crypto app world on mobile and desktop browsers.

Process to Connect Coinbase Wallet To Metamask

Coinbase wallet is helpful for people to manage digital currency and NFT under a single roof. You can swap in decentralized exchange and acquire Defi liquidity pools. Whether you want to Connect Coinbase Wallet To Metamask, you must copy a twelve-word recovery phrase or seed phrase from the Coinbase wallet and paste it into the Metamask wallet. On the other hand, you may also import a wallet to Metamask through a private key. The recovery phrase can use to recover assets sent to the wrong public address.

Open coinbase wallet:

Open the Coinbase wallet app or extension by inputting the correct password. You can log in to your wallet with the proper email ID and password. Once you reach the dashboard, you can go to settings. You can click the gear wheel icon locate at the top of the Coinbase wallet window.

Click on show recovery phrase:

Once you are in the setting option, scroll down the page and view the show recovery phrase. The recovery phrases is essential thing for a crypto owner to recover the asset.

  • Once you see such a thing, you can click on them.
  • Enter the password to see the seed phrase or recovery phrase.
  • Choose the check box and click next.
  • Before entering the password, turn off screen sharing whether you enable it.

Copy phrase:

Once you enter a password, click next. You have the perfect ability to view recovery or seed phrases. Crypto users copy the phrase correctly and never miss anything. When you see a phrase, you can click on copy to clipboard.

Metamask wallet:

You can use a Metamask wallet to perform any activity efficiently. Crypto owners get into Metamask wallet.

  • Whether you never install Metamask wallet, you can download it from an extension, android, or ios.
  • You can launch a wallet app that fit android and ios device.
  • Initiate Metamask wallet extension or mobile app after downloading

Import wallet with recovery phrase:

Once you launch the Metamask wallet, you can go to import them with a secret phrase. When it comes to this step, you can view options like no for already having a secret phrase and yes for a start set-up.

  • Click on or tap import wallet under no, already have recovery phrase option.
  • After that, click or tap to read specific terms and conditions.
  • Once you reach everything, you must agree on them.

Paste recovery phrase:

It is time for you to paste the recovery Coinbase wallet twelve-word recovery or seed phrase. Users can copy the recovery phrase already.

  • You can never write it in a relevant field.
  • You can just paste copied phrase in the field and proceed further step.
  • Then, set up a new password.
  • Choose the checkbox after reading the terms of use.
  • Lastly, click the import option.
  • Users connect their Wallet to Metamask successfully.

Install Metamask extension on different browsers lets users acquire trust wallet account import on Metamask and existing Metamask accounts.

Connect Coinbase Wallet To Metamask through a private key:

Coinbase wallet never brings any access to private. In that scenario, users focus on a third party to identify the private key. Whether you are on a third-party website, you can handle different matters.

  • Choose twelve words and randomly generate a mnemonic phrase.
  • You can paste the Coinbase wallet recovery or seed phrase in the tool.
  • Then, choose the currency that wishes to recover under the coin field.
  • Scroll down the page to access the derived address and copy the private key under the private key tab.

People always focus on open source and credibility tools to import their wallets. When you find the Coinbase wallet private key from the tool, you can follow a simple procedure to import the wallet to Metamask.

Import account on Metamask:

When importing an account on Metamask, you must follow the necessary steps and gain a better user experience. You can go through the process carefully and Connect Coinbase Wallet To Metamask.

  • Launch the Metamask wallet and use them by typing a password.
  • Then, click on the profile icon and reach the import account.
  • You can view the import account and click on them.

Paste private key:

Paste private key is necessary for users to gain control over their wallet. You can find the key by using a third-party tool. Then, you can click on import.

Switch Coinbase wallet account and Metamask account:

Once you click on the import button, the Coinbase wallet imports to Metamask. Crypto users find the option by viewing the account header.

  • Whether you switch between a wallet and Metamask account, click on the profile icon.
  • Then, select account.

Typing the proper recovery phrase and selecting an ideal password is essential for users to successfully import the Coinbase wallet to the Metamask wallet. You can never face any obstacle to carrying out the procedure for connecting your wallet to Metamask.

Transfer digital currency from wallet to Metamask:

Users may also wish to move an asset from their wallet to a Metamask. With the advent of technology, spending time on the web will help you gain complete details relevant to Connect Coinbase Wallet To Metamask.

  • You can click on send option if you want to send digital currency from the Coinbase wallet to Metamask.
  • Then, choose the token you wish to send and enter the amount.
  • After that, you can click on next.
  • You can enter the correct destination address and an open Metamask.
  • Before proceeding, check the details once and click on receive button.
  • Copy the address and paste them into the recipient field on the wallet.

Crypto users follow everything carefully to import their wallets to Metamask. The internet is the best source to find valuable guides relevant to this matter. You can read information and start the process as quickly as possible. You can never enter any incorrect information. So, you must cross-check every detail and merge the wallet successfully.