Swap Bitcoin In Exodus

Do you want to explore how to swap bitcoin in Exodus? Then go through this guide and understand the process effectively. The below-written ways will help you how you can Swap Bitcoin In Exodus on mobile or PC.

How Much Can I Swap Bitcoin In Exodus?

Exodus wallet has an in-built exchange feature, and you can choose various bitcoin to swap. But it is better to know the minimum and maximum amount you can swap. The third-party exchange API providers regularly set the maximums and minimums on their orders. Therefore the customer can ensure to make swaps or exchanges.

You can determine swap limits based on several factors like the liquidity of the pair of assets that you want to exchange. You can also determine the market conditions during the swap. There are no limits on the swap; therefore, you swap bitcoin in Exodus as much as you require.

How To Swap Bitcoin On A Desktop?

Steps through which you can easily able to swap bitcoin on a desktop.

Step1:- At first, open the Exodus wallet on the PC and click the exchange icon.

Step 2:- You can click hide or show portfolios when using more portfolios in the wallet.

Step 3:- Then you can choose the asset you want to swap on top and select the asset you want to get on the bottom.

Step 4:– When you are using more portfolios, then you can select the portfolio for the asset that you want to swap, along with the asset that you want to receive.

Step 5:- After that, enter the amount you want to swap.

Step 6:– Choose the amount by entering the value in fiat or crypto.

Step 7:- ALL – swap all the balance

Step 8:– HALF – swap half of the balance

Step 9:- MIN – swap the minimum amount the exchange will enable

Step 10:- After choosing the amount, you can check out the network fee to swap bitcoin in Exodus.

When you are OK with the amount of bitcoin, you will swap, along with the network fee, then click the exchange option.

You must be very careful in closing the wallet when you get the screen starting your exchange.

If not, the swap will never complete initiating.

When you find the swap in progress, you are done with everything. Now you can close Exodus whenever you wish. You can get the new bitcoin in your wallet.

How To Swap Bitcoin On Mobile?

Step 1:- Open the Exodus wallet on the mobile

Step 2:- Then you have to exchange icon

Step 3:-Choose the asset that you want to swap on the top and receive on the bottom from the drop-down menu

Step 4:- After that, enter the amount of bitcoin you want to tap by clicking 0.00

Step 5:- ALL – swap all the balance

Step 6:- HALF – swap half of the balance

Step 7:- MIN – swap the minimum amount the exchange will enable

Step 8:- Enter the accurate amount of fiat currency or crypto

Step 9:- Then pay the network fee

Step 10:- After you are done with everything, you can click the exchange now option at the bottom

Essential Process of Bitcoin With Exodus Wallet:

Explore What Moves The Price Of Bitcoin:

First, you need to check out the factors that cause an impact on the price of bitcoin to short the latest bubble or get in on the rising and falling opportunity.

Bitcoin Supply

At present, the bitcoin supply is around 21 million. It can expect to exhaust in 2140. The bitcoin will increase when the demand is more to the next level. It is a finite supply.

Bad Press

Here is the important news that mainly deals with bitcoin value, longevity, and security that can harm the overall market price of the bitcoin.


The public profile of bitcoin mainly depends on its integration into new banking frameworks and payment systems. Demand can increase when it successfully takes place to impact the price of bitcoin positively.

Major Events

Security breaches, regulation changes, and macroeconomic bitcoin announcements affect the overall prices. The agreement between users to increase the network speed can be responsible for a rise in bitcoin and can push the price up effectively.

Select The Bitcoin Swap Strategy And Style In Exodus:

To choose the suitable bitcoin exchanging strategy and style, you must follow some practical impacts and know how to swap bitcoin in Exodus.

Day Exchanging

It means that you can effectively open and close the position around one exchanging day. Hence you do not have any exposure to the bitcoin market overnight. Therefore you can avoid charges of the overnight funding on your position. If you expect a profit from the short-term price movements of bitcoin, then this strategy can be more beneficial for you. Then it can let you gain more daily volatility in the bitcoin price.

Trend Exchanging

It means taking a suitable position that can match the current trend in a most enhanced manner. If you find anything out of trend, then sure, through this approach, you can let to lie about the current trend without causing any serious issues.

Bitcoin Hedging

It means mitigating your exposure to the risk by considering the opposing position to the one you have already opened. You can execute this when you concentrate on the market moving against you. Therefore if any loss has occurred in the bitcoin, you can overcome everything in a top-notch manner.

HODL Bitcoin

The strategy of HODL bitcoin mainly involves holding and buying bitcoin. This name you have got from the misspelling of the word ‘hold’ on the popular cryptocurrency forum. After that, HODL is said to be ‘Hold On for Dear Life.’

But you should never consider this phrase seriously. You can only hold and buy bitcoin if you have a positive outlook on the long-term price. To increase the profit and eradicate the loss issues, you surely need to use these factors in a top-notch manner.

Grab Exposure To Bitcoin in Exodus:

You readily have multiple different ways to grab exposure to bitcoin. Have a look at below to find out everything:

Crypto 10 Index

You can swap the Crypto 10 Index, purchase coins from the exchange, and exchange bitcoin derivatives. It can expose you to important cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin in one swap. This index mainly speculates on various cryptocurrencies and may mirror or track the underlying market price very effectively.

Check Whether To Go Short Or Long:

Based on the current market sentiment, you can swap financial derivatives and let them go both short and long. Going short can ultimately reduce the price of the bitcoin, and going long can increase the cost of the bitcoin to the next level.

Set Your Limits And Stops:

Generally, limits and stops are practical risk management tools, and you have more to choose from at the time of exchanging with experts:

Normal Stops

Here you need to know that the normal stops can close out the position at the set level. But it could be legally responsible for slippage if the underlying market price changes quickly occur.

Trailing Stops

The trailing stops proceed with the favorable market movements to get into profits when capping your drawback risk. But it can also be able to subject to slippage.

Guaranteed Stops

Guaranteed stops can close the position at the set level based on any slippage. This kind of stop can be free to select, and you are charged a feed in case your guaranteed stop can be triggered.Such tools can be readily available for you to choose from through the deal ticket on the exchanging platform.

Open And Monitor The Swap In Exodus:

To open the bitcoin swap, you can buy when you check out that the price will increase. Or else, you can also sell when you check out that the price will decrease. When your bitcoin swap is open, you must monitor the market to ensure that it can move in the way you have anticipated.

It is to be known that the technical indicators can be readily available for you on the exchanging platform, and it can be helpful for you to find what the price of bitcoin might do next. Indicators can be suitable for monitoring current market conditions, such as market sentiment or volatility levels.

Close The Position To Consider Profit Or Eradicate Loss:

When you need to take the profit or stop loss that reaches the place and makes you uncomfortable, then make sure you can close your position without hesitation. The profits can be directly paid into the exchanging account at the time when the loss can be deducted from the account balance.

Final Verdict:

From the scenario mentioned above, now you have the idea about swapping bitcoin or exchanging assets in Exodus. Without any delay, you can get into this process now. So why are you still waiting? Now you can get ready to swap bitcoin in Exodus.