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How To Withdraw Money From Atomic Wallet By Crypto Wallets
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Steps To Withdraw Money From Atomic Wallet By Crypto Wallets

Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial decentralized wallet to make transactions faster and more secure. You must get the best platform to send and receive digital currencies as a user. Of course, you can own your backup phrase and private keys depending on fund control needs. At the top of the menu, you can find multi coins crypto wallet, which allows you to store several cryptocurrencies in the same place. In this guide, you can quickly check how to Withdraw Money from Atomic Wallet by Crypto Wallets.

Withdraw From Atomic Wallet by crypto wallets

On the other hand, you can withdraw atomic wallets by crypto by initiating the funds anywhere. However, users can receive funds in their bank account within a second. In addition to this, it should support everything based on the guide, and crypto-wallets automatically withdraw from the atomic wallet. You can take coinbase as the best example to withdraw money from an Atomic wallet easier.

Step 1: Create An Account At Coinbase

Create An Account At Coinbase
  • At first, you have to open an account as the initial step
  • On the top, users have to navigate to open a free account at the wallet
  • The crypto exchanges are used custodians for holding crypto and are attacked by hackers
  • As a result, crypto security is the top priority in holding and withdrawal to use PayPal to verify KYC
  • After that, upload the official documents such as ID, driving license, and so on
  • Could you take a picture and upload them?

Step 2: Send Funds From Atomic

Send Funds From Atomic

After completing the signup process at this wallet, you must use created profile to withdraw money.

  • It should be flexible enough and swap the crypto for the money to send crypto funds.
  • In the wallet menu, you have to click send and receive
  • Buy crypto on coinbase
  • Then, you must choose to receive tab and click Bitcoin to search
  • Buy ETH on coinbase
  • In the top search bar option, you must type ETH and choose Ethereum results.
  • Click ok and copy the ETH address to the clipboard completely
  • Then, next, navigate to atomic and enter the password to sign up and find ETH funds
  • To transfer quickly, click on send button and now tap on ETH funds and paste
  • Enter the ETH address from the clipboard into send button with the address field
  • Then, finalize the withdrawal options

Step 3: Receive ETH Funds At Coinbase

Receive ETH Funds At Coinbase

As the Ethereum blockchain process is much faster, you can get it within seconds. However, it should arrive within a few minutes when you withdraw. Of course, get the funds and go to the assets wallet on Coinbase.
The coinbase will send a notification and consider ETH funds for that platform. However, Withdraw Money from Atomic Wallet by Crypto Wallets must be flexible and ready to start based on the cash-out crypto for money without any hassles. It considers an influential role in setting up the ETH funds to receive anytime.

Step 4: Trade ETH For USD On Coinbase

Trade ETH For USD On Coinbase

After that step, you can start selling ETH for fiat currency with a proper solution. You must add the platform, go to My Assets, and choose the buy and sell option. The process is simple and yet easy to configure as well.

  • In the pop-up screen, you can find ETH to choose from USD with the fiat option.
  • Then, click the sell option by entering the amount to sell
  • Then, click preview sell and hit the sell now button
  • Of course, the platform is all set-out transactions, and the wallet will be updated with the amount in USD

Step 5: Withdraw Cash From Coinbase To Your Bank

Withdraw Cash From Coinbase To Your Bank

Then, in the final step, you must reach the level and transfer money to your bank account more efficiently. Now, you must navigate to the money account and find My Assets.

  • Click to view the cash-out option and select the button
  • After that, click the continue button, and a new screen
  • Choose a destination for your cash withdrawal
  • When you create a new account on Coinbase, you have to link your bank account first and get into the second option by adding a bank account and skipping if you already have an account in the atomic wallet and crypto wallets.
  • Now, you have to add a payment method to the Crypto wallet
  • In the screen, you must add bank account details and grab them depending on the local situation. They will carry about EU habitant and add a EURO bank account here
  • In general, if you are from the USA or some other country, you have to add a local bank account here
  • Then, next follow the steps that should add the necessary details with verification steps with bank account to Coinbase
  • Finally, you should get the withdrawal process and be able to receive cash within a few days into your bank account easier
  • Finally, you can easily withdraw money from Atomic Wallet by crypto wallets to your bank account.
  • Now enjoy the profits, and don’t forget to Withdraw Money from Atomic Wallet by Crypto Wallets.


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