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Jaxx is the leading crypto wallets on the market. Many numbers of people have been using this Jaxx Service Phone Number for its versatility and give you complete features to the maximum. Jaxx is the ultimate digital wallet that mainly allows you to send or receive different cryptocurrencies easily and provides the user with a completely safe option for storing them. The wallet has been mainly created by Anthony Diiorio in the year 2014. Get your queries resolved by Customer Support Advisor.

Get your queries resolved by Customer Support Advisor. Our customer executives available 24*7 to solve your query ASAP by call and live chat support.

Jaxx wallet is also called the “Multi-Currency Wallet” so that it allows to store a number of cryptocurrencies in the same place easily. Jaxx Wallet is helpful for storing many numbers of coins and a more significant option for saving time. Buy and sell popular digital currencies through Jaxx and an excellent option to keep track of them in one place. For the starters, the Jaxx mainly supports loads of coins.

  • GUI and UI options
  • Customize your Jaxx based on Preferences
  • Built-in shapeshift
  • Switch between coins
  • Keep your portfolio nice
  • Cross-platform Blockchain Wallet
  • Exchange
  • Used on a wide number of platforms including Mobile and PC
  • Verified Social Media Accounts

Key Features Of Using The Jaxx:

Jaxx Wallet is one of the most amazing cross-platform wallets, exchanges as well as markets, which is helpful for getting the all-in-one option. Private keys are also available for easy access to restore and backup features in a unique way. Jaxx wallet is also available for download on your device so you can use it on the go. Devices based on the Mac, Windows, and Linux are also helpful for accessing the account.

Multi-Currency Wallet:

Jaxx wallet stores many numbers of different cryptocurrencies. Popular coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are stored. In fact, it is also quite perfect for those having more number of cryptocurrencies and important for storing the coin in the individual wallet.

Cross-Platform Pairing:

Jaxx is suitable for all the cross-platform pairing so that it is linked to the wallet in the unique aspects. When you download the Jaxx wallet on Android mobile, then you can access your funds even from the Smartphone. It is a great benefit as you can access your account from anywhere without any hassle.

Internal Cryptocurrency Exchange:

The Internal Cryptocurrency Exchange is one of the most amazing advantages of using the Jaxx wallet, and it mainly has the built-in ShapeShift API. Normally, ShapeShift is a third-party exchange service allowing to easily exchanging the cryptocurrency to another feature.


More than millions of people have been using the Jaxx, and it is well known for its user-friendly features to maximum level. It is great as this makes it perfect for both beginners as well as experienced cryptocurrency users.

Friendly Customer Support:

Our team of experts is mainly ready to give you complete advice and support about using Jaxx. We are efficient and transparent in providing genuine customer services. Our Jaxx team offers phone support so you can contact our Jaxx Service Phone Number. We provide you 24-hour free help via the written channels. When you have any requests, you can easily contact our team anytime and know more about the trade as well as exchange through this method.

  • Faster Trade cryptocurrencies
  • Access your cryptocurrency portfolio
  • QR Scanning

Jaxx mainly has the complete lineup for the noncustodial cryptocurrency wallets that include BTC, doge, ltc, eth, bch, and many other coins. 2FA is mainly enabled in the process so you can use Google Authenticator for extensively setting the device authentication. In fact, it is easier for managing more than 80 cryptocurrencies without any hassle.