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How Do I Verify My Identity On The Gemini Crypto Exchange?
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As a first-time crypto user, you may not know where to buy and sell Bitcoin or Ether. Engaging with the Gemini crypto exchange is better because it is a reliable and trusted platform on which to invest in crypto. Setting up a Gemini crypto exchange account is mandatory to access this platform effectively. As the Gemini exchange platform rules and regulations, verification is mandatory to set up your account. Users can verify their identity in different ways. Ensure you understand all the possible ways and choose the right one to verify your identity on Gemini exchange. Remember that the verification process is essential to setting up a personal account. 

“If you are a first-time user, read the blog until the end to understand the steps to verify your identity on this platform.”

Facts To Know About Identity Verification On Gemini 

Like other crypto exchange platforms, you must give your personal and account details to create an account on Gemini. You can verify your identity through the following methods upon successful account creation.

  • Enable two-factor authentication by linking your mobile number and submit the code received on your mobile.
  • Link your bank account
  • Submit the required documents to verify your identity and address 

Gemini platforms require a Photo ID and proof of address to verify the identity of new customers. The exchange is quite strict on the forms of photo ID they accept. They always demand a passport to do identity verification. 

However, they accept different forms of proof of address, including bank statements, mobile phone bills, and cable bills. Ensure you submit the document in which your address is correctly mentioned.

Usually, the platform takes between one and three days to verify your account completely. During this time, you can access certain features, such as making trades between different pairs and depositing in crypto. 

Unfortunately, you cannot deposit or withdraw until your account is verified properly. If you have doubts or are stuck in the middle of the process, feel free to call the Gemini support team. The experts will listen to your queries and provide the best solution. This gives you enough flexibility to do crypto trading. 

Things Required To Verify Identity On Gemini

When verifying your identity on the Gemini exchange, you must keep the following things handy: documents, images, and other vital details. Uploading these essentials is critical for uninterrupted sign-in. Here is the list of things you must keep ready!

  • Ensure you provide a photograph in which your full face is visible. Do not submit the selfie pictures.
  • Submit the ID you used to register on the Gemini exchange. You can even provide your passport, driving license, or other National ID for verification.

After completing the necessary steps for the registration process, you will receive an email from the Gemini support team. It helps you learn the current status of your account identity verification. Once your account is verified, you can navigate to Gemini Sign-in and start treading your crypto assets. 

How To Verify Your Identity On Gemini

Those who want to verify identity on the Gemini exchange must follow the steps mentioned here. These steps will allow you to enjoy the exclusive benefits available to all verified account holders. In addition, it provides peace of mind and lets you focus more on your trading journey.

  • Navigate to the official site of the Gemini exchange platform to start the process
  • On the official site, look for the Gemini sign-in button and click on it.
  • You should provide your login credentials (username and password) correctly to proceed further 
  • Now, it is time to navigate to the “My Account” tab 
  • After that, select the option “verify your identity.”
  • Then, follow the instructions as it is to proceed further 
  • Upload your full photo ID, such as a driver’s license, carefully 
  • Check whether you have uploaded your ID correctly on the official site
  • That’s it! You are good to go and begin your trading journey without confronting any troubles in the future.


Gemini is a user-friendly and highly protected crypto exchange. It offers various features to enjoy every step in crypto trading and minimizes the hassles involved in all phases. So, users will buy and sell the crypto to get the best trading experience on Gemini. 

Get your queries resolved by a Gemini Support Number

Although you can carry out Gemini login and other trading activities without verifying your identity on the platform, it is highly important to do so on the Gemini exchange. Otherwise, your access to the trading services on the platform would also be limited.  Please take all the above-mentioned steps and other necessary actions to verify your identity. Doing this will help you enjoy all the trading benefits on the Gemini exchange. If you still have any doubts regarding identity verification, contact the Gemini customer support team without hesitation.


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