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How To Withdraw BTC From SafePal To Bank Account
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SafePal involves the crypto wallet for providing a user-friendly and secure crypto management platform. Normally, this wallet supports more than 23 blockchains, 10,000 tokens, and especially 15 languages. This crypto management solution is highly accessible to everyone who likes to access Cryptocurrencies. The platform is quite similar to that of Binance Labs with hardware wallet investments. Do you like to know how to withdraw btc from safepal to bank account? If so, then you have a better option to find easier methods for withdrawing the BTC from SafePal.

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Steps To Withdraw BTC From SafePal To Bank Account

Steps To Withdraw BTC From SafePal To Bank Account

SafePal is an amazingly safer wallet in the modern day with many features. SafePal comes with advanced security features such as the hack-proof EAL5+ secure element. These also enable 2-factor authentication and Self destruct mechanism. SafePal is the most advanced hardware wallet which is suitable for security architects. Learn how to withdraw btc from safepal to bank account by following the simple steps below.

Step 1: 

  • Select a safepal to withdraw from
  • Open SafePal App
  • Navigate to ‘SafePal Earn’
  • Click ‘Deposited’ to open the deposited asset list
  • Choose the BTC from the list
  • Click ‘Withdraw All’

Step 2 

  • Double-check withdrawal details
  • Check your deposited and BTC details
  • Click ‘Withdraw All’

The process involves a 3-day lockup period for all the sectors. Whether you are looking to withdraw the BTC from within the lockup period, then it involves a 0.1% unstacking fee. Normally, the 3-day countdown starts with the last deposit made from the pool. These involve a 3-day countdown renewed when making another deposit in the pool. The lockup period, along with the unstaking fee, is applied to BTC.

Step 3: 

  • Confirm and sign the withdrawal
  • Choose the network fee standard
  • Click ‘Confirm’
  • Enter Security Password
  • Click ‘Confirm’
  • Wait for withdrawal to be completed

Additional blockchain network fees are also charged with signing its operation. Normally, the ApeSwap and PancakeSwap involve the smart contract built on the BSC. You need to make sure to add a native network fee upon signing approval.

Step 4: 

Upon completing the withdrawal is completed, you will see a pop-up message stating,’ the withdrawal is successful’. You can conveniently view assets on SafePal App main page.

Best Way To Withdraw BTC From SafePal To Bank Account?

Best Way To Withdraw BTC From SafePal To Bank Account?

SafePal has more than 6 Million users across the world. These can be easily used as hardware wallets, browser extension wallets, and software wallets. SafePal is one of the significant options for extensively storing, managing, swaping as well as trading assets. Apart from these, the wallet supports more than fifteen languages with NFTs. Below are some of the best ways to withdraw BTC from safepal to a bank account

  • Open the eSafePal App
  • Login to the Binance Trading DApp
  • Click Wallets tab
  • Click ‘token/coin.’
  • Enter “Withdrawal”
  • Input destination address
  • Enter withdrawal amount
  • Select the network
  • click ‘Withdrawal’
  • you need to select the exact network at this step, or this could lead to fund loss permanently
  • Enter Security Password
  • Click “Submit”
  • Withdrawal is completed

SafePal is also integrated with Binance DEX, Binance Spot Trading DApps on Ethereum, Solana, Tron, and many others. Hardware wallet allows to extensively store the cryptocurrency securely. Users can simply withdraw BTC from safepal to their bank account directly by following the above steps. You can also get your queries resolved by contacting the customer support team. Customer executives are available 24×7 to resolve the query.

How To Confirm My Withdrawal Of BTC From My SafePal Wallet?

Confirming the withdrawal of BTC from safepal to the bank account is quite a simple process. Upon making the transaction from the safepal to the bank account, it is quite convenient to check how to withdraw btc from safepal to bank account. SafePal cryptocurrency wallet application is one of the highly secure and decentralized. These are also easy-to-use features, making them completely efficient options to use. Checking the transaction status in the SafePal app is easier, so you can follow the below steps.

  • Open SafePal
  • Click ‘More Details’ in the App
  • You will be redirected to the blockchain scanner
  • You can find more details about the recent transaction 

Apart from BTC, users can easily manage more than 10,000 Cryptocurrencies using this method. Cryptocurrency wallet application is assured with providing better stability on transactions. It is an efficient option to withdraw BTC from safepal to a bank account, saving time. SafePal cryptocurrency wallet is one of the highly secure and much more easy to use applications. These are quite convenient options for managing many numbers of Cryptocurrencies.


Withdrawing from SafePal to a bank account lets you easily convert your cryptocurrency into fiat currency. For instance, if you are using BTC, then it is convenient to convert it into fiat currency. Users can easily choose fiat currency to pay for goods and services. It is also convenient to store your fiat currency by withdrawing BTC from SafePal to bank account.


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