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How To Withdraw Crypto From BitMEX To Trust Wallet
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Withdraw Crypto From BitMEX To Trust Wallet- Steps

In the modern day, many people have been using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and others. These have become one of the quicker options for trading, even from across the world. BitMEX is one of the safer cryptocurrency exchanges as well as trading platforms. HDR Global Trading Limited owns the platform, and it is registered under the Seychelles. Crypto users can easily Withdraw Crypto from Bitmex to Trust Wallet as it is a safer option for making quick transactions.

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What Is Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is quite an easier way to store and trade cryptocurrency. These are especially known for their multi-chain self-custody wallet. They would be extensively allowed to store as well as manage more than 8 Million Crypto assists.

The Trust wallet would provide you with a better ability for buying and swaping and even helping to stake crypto. This especially includes the NFTs with more than 70 blockchains. There is no need to store the assets even across multiple custody exchanges or wallets.
Private keys can be easily stored on various devices, and the assets would gain complete control at all times.

Quick Method To Withdraw Crypto From Bitmex To Trust Wallet:

Are you looking to withdraw the Crypto? Normally, it is not listed in Binance, so you can buy them anytime by following the simple steps.
You could be using the Bitmex mobile app or website to easily make the exchange quicker. It is quite important to get the latest version of the Trust Wallet or click These would provide quick as well as safer options. The below steps show the better way to easily withdraw Crypto from Bitmex to Trust Wallet

Step 1: Get The Trust Wallet Deposit Address

Get The Trust Wallet Deposit Address
  • Open Trust Wallet mobile app
  • Trust Wallet Browser Extension
  • Select the “Receive” button from the main page
  • Select a crypto asset to deposit
  • Scroll or use the search function to find the asset
  • Copy deposit address
  • Need this to use on Bitmex

Normally, the Trust Wallet Browser Extension would extensively support various networks such as the Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, and more. It is quite a convenient option to use the Trust Wallet mobile app to make the effective asset transfer for the other network. The mobile app involves full network support, so these can be added with more features.

Step 2: Withdraw Crypto From Bitmex To Trust Wallet

Withdraw Crypto From Bitmex To Trust Wallet
  • Paste the Trust Wallet deposit address in the appropriate space in Bitmex
  • Open the Bitmex website or Bitmex app
  • Navigate the ‘withdrawal’ option
  • Go to the “portfolio” option
  • Navigate to the account’s main page using the Bitmex website
  • Select the “Withdrawal” button
  • Choose an asset to withdraw
  • Fill in information such as the Trust Wallet deposit address
  • Choose correct network
  • Choose an amount and other details in Bitmex
  • Paste the Trust Wallet deposit address to avoid any errors
  • Click “Confirm.”
  • Follow verification instructions to complete the transfer
  • You have sent crypto to your own wallet

Now you can easily open the Trust Wallet to confirm the funds. Transfer time will range from a few minutes based on the asset. It is also quite important to find whether the blockchain network is secure to withdraw the Crypto from Bitmex to Trust Wallet.

How To Withdraw Crypto From BitMEX?

Investments in cryptocurrency are one of the decent profit which assures in saving your money. You would be getting complete control of the private keys.
It is one of the best reasons for withdrawing cryptos from BitMEX. It is one of the most amazingly secure cryptocurrency wallets.

Withdrawing crypto from BitMEX to Trust Wallet is one easy and hassle-free process. This procedure is also quite a daunting task for beginners, and below is the step-by-step for easily saving your time. You have to set up your Trust Wallet first before you can withdraw crypto from BitMEX.

Trust Wallet is the safest and most secure non-custodial crypto wallet that makes use latest MPC technology. These are suitable options for protecting digital asset holdings.
It would be quite a secure option compared to the centralized cryptocurrency exchanges. It is enabled with the built-in Web3 firewall, biometrical account recovery system, and seedless keyphrases.

Setting up the Crypto wallet with the onboarding process is quite a simple option. It is convenient to easily withdraw digital assets from a BitMEX account to Trust Wallet.

  • Log in to your BitMEX account.
  • Navigate to the “Account” tab
  • Click the “Withdraw” button
  • Provide the recipient’s address in the “Destination Address” field
  • View the Trust Wallet address within the app
  • Specify the number of coins to withdraw
  • BitMEX displays the associated fees
  • Make sure to double-check selecting the right network
  • You will now be asked to provide a 30-second 2-factor authentication key
  • Copy the key from Google authenticator or 2FA application
  • Click “Submit”
  • Funds will be sent from BitMEX to Trust Wallet
Why Move Crypto From Bitmex To Trust Wallet?

Trust Wallet is a self-custody wallet, and you can easily get complete access as well as control of crypto in your wallet. These self-custody wallets are referred to as non-custodial wallets. Making transactions from Bitmex to Trust Wallet is quite an easier way and gives better access to the funds. The wallet does not collect any user data, so it is a completely safer option.


There are several crypto wallets available to choose such as the Ethereum network, but the TrustWallet appears to be an effective option. Self-custody wallet like Trust Wallet is an efficient option for easily making quick transactions. The above steps are helpful to withdraw crypto from Bitmex to Trust Wallet.


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