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How to Withdraw Crypto from Kucoin to Trust Wallet
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Withdraw Crypto From Kucoin To Trust Wallet

People are willing in crypto investment for different purposes today. Proper exchange and wallet are essential things in crypto investment. Exchange lets people buy, sell, transfer, and withdraw assets. Wallet helps crypto traders or investors to secure digital currency investments and take complete control of them.Kucoin is the most popular exchange in the market, with good trading volume. It supports a different range of digital currencies and gives enormous benefits to people. Crypto users often consider ways to Withdraw Crypto from Kucoin to Trust Wallet. Trust Wallet is a leading player in the crypto space that keeps millions of users.

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  • You can access it on the play store or app store based on your device.
  • There are different reasons people want to transfer investments from exchange to wallet.
  • If you have a non-custodial wallet, you can gain complete control of the assets. 
  • Crypto investors receive private keys of a wallet like a recovery phrase.
  • When creating an account on the wallet, users get a recovery phrase.

Crypto investors follow simple ways to withdraw assets easily. Exchange never lets users wait for a long time when it comes to the withdrawal process. You must keep a valid account from exchange and wallet. 

7 Steps To Withdraw Crypto From Kucoin To Trust Wallet

Step 1: Set Up The Trust Wallet App

You must set up a trusted wallet on your device to withdraw assets to a trusted wallet. You can choose the respective blockchain to withdraw assets. When transferring assets like Bitcoin or ETH, you can choose it from the available balance list.

  • If you cannot identify a list of available balances, you can move to the filter icon.
  • Then, search for the asset you wish to receive and enable the toggle button to the token.
  • Return to the home screen to find the token and choose the required one.

Step 2: Click On Receive And Copy The Wallet Address

When you are on the asset page, you can click on receive a button that shows the wallet address. Once you see the address, you can copy them to the clipboard. 

Step 3: Use The Kucoin Website Or Set Kucoin Mobile App

After getting the wallet address for asset transfer, you can install the Kucoin app or use the Kucoin website on your device. You can click on the asset to navigate to the asset page. Moreover, the steps are similar for the Kucoin website and app.

Step 4: Click withdraw on the asset page

When it comes to the asset section in Kucoin, you move to the withdrawal option to begin the withdrawal process. It makes Withdraw Crypto from Kucoin to Trust Wallet process easier. You can see the options mentioned on the withdrawal page.

Step 5: Look at the coin you want to withdraw

After choosing the withdrawal option, you can determine the currency you wish to withdraw. Crypto users choose the correct choice for good results. You can enter the currency name in the search bar and get the ideal one from the result. In the search bar, you can enter currency full or short based on your wish. It will show the correct option and chooses them to withdraw.

Step 6: Input Wallet Address

A wallet address is a mandatory aspect of withdrawing assets. On the Kucoin withdrawal page, you can paste the wallet that copies earlier into the trust wallet. Afterward, the exchange automatically prefers the ideal network and is used for transactions depending on the wallet address you paste. Leaving the preferred network very soon is suitable for users. It is the best choice to prevent loss of funds and transfer using the wrong network.

Step 7: Enter The Amount You Want To Withdraw

Once pasting the wallet address into the relevant field on the withdrawal page, you can enter the required amount to withdraw. After that, you can receive confirmation. Before hitting the confirmation button, you can check all details you enter. Then, you can confirm the transaction and wait for a few minutes. You can never immediately close the Kucoin website or app and wait until the transaction finishes. 

  • Users leave the remark field empty and know the fee involved in the transaction.
  • The fund will transfer to the desired account within three to ten minutes if the transaction finishes successfully. 
  • You can check it on the wallet app. 

Crypto owners transfer assets successfully from account to wallet. The Internet is the best source to gather possible steps to Withdraw Crypto from Kucoin to Trust Wallet. Crypto users follow them carefully and handle the withdrawal process seamlessly.

Importance of Wallet Address For Crypto Withdrawal

A wallet address is mandatory information and helps users access digital assets to exchange accounts and wallets. Exchange offers users accurate wallet address for digital currency investment. If you want your wallet address on an exchange, you can navigate to the asset page and tap deposit. Then, you search for currency, need to get your wallet address, and choose the correct option in the search result. You can click on copy address and copy them carefully. Crypto owners follow every step to proceed with the withdrawal process without the hassle and check their current balance.


In conclusion, withdrawing cryptocurrency from KuCoin to Trust Wallet is a relatively simple process. By following the steps outlined above, you can securely transfer your digital assets from KuCoin to Trust Wallet. It is important to verify the accuracy of the Trust Wallet address and withdrawal details to ensure a successful transaction. Remember to double-check all the information before initiating the withdrawal to avoid any potential mistakes or loss of funds.


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