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How To Withdraw Crypto From Safepal
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If you are looking for the easiest hardware wallet for transferring Cryptocurrencies, the Safepal wallet is ideal. SafePal was released in 2018, aiding people to safeguard and develop their crypto assets. Without technical skills, you can use the Safepal wallet for buying or sending digital currency. If you wonder how to Withdraw crypto from SafePal Wallet, you can continue reading the article.

SafePal offers both software and hardware cryptocurrency wallets. It is easy to manage all wallets via the Safepal application. It was the first offline wallet backed by Binance. Moreover, the Safepal wallet supports different kinds of Cryptocurrencies and tokens like Binance Smart Chain, TRON blockchains, Ethereum, and more.

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What Is A SafePal Wallet?

Storing the crypto in the hardware wallet is a secure option, especially for long-term investors. Currency, more than ten lakh people are using Safepal S1 Wallet. Talented professionals create the Safepal wallet with their expertise in UI design, cybersecurity, hardware, and software.

Safepal wallet is a convenient Cryptocurrency offline storage wallet to utilize worldwide. The hardware wallet does not need an internet connection and updates the Cryptocurrency balance automatically. In addition, it is the best alternative to the Ledger wallet due to its feature for managing Cryptocurrencies.

It enables the user to access other platforms straightforwardly from the Safepal mobile applications. From the crypto exchange, you can withdraw the Cryptocurrencies effortlessly. For withdrawing the crypto from the wallet, you need the private key. Without the private key, you cannot be able to access your funds in the Safepal wallet.

Steps To Withdraw Cryptocurrency from SafePal Wallet

Are you new to the Cryptocurrency world and need to Withdraw your Safepal Wallet? Well, you are landed at the correct place. Here you can get simple steps to withdraw crypto from your Safepal wallet.

When it comes to withdrawing crypto, the trader should understand how to select the right network for digital currencies. Remember, in which network do you transfer coins? According to Cryptocurrencies, you will find platforms such as the bitcoin network, TRON network, Binance smart chain, Binance chain, etc. Selecting the right platform is crucial for the transaction. There is a chance to lose funds if anyone chooses the wrong network. Besides, you would not be able to withdraw coins as they will consider missing. Let’s see some steps to withdraw crypto:

steps to withdraw crypto

To withdraw cryptocurrency from your SafePal wallet, you can follow these steps:

1: “Open the SafePal app” on your device and ensure you are logged in to your account.

2: “Select the cryptocurrency” you wish to withdraw by tapping on its icon.

3: Tap on the “Send” button and enter the recipient’s wallet address.

4: “Enter the amount” of cryptocurrency you want to withdraw, and “double-check the recipient’s wallet address” to make sure it’s correct.

5: Tap on the “Next” button and review the transaction details, including the network fee.

6: Confirm the transaction by tapping on the “Confirm” button.

7: Wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain network.

Once the transaction is confirmed, the cryptocurrency should be sent to the recipient’s wallet address. It is important to note that the transaction may take some time to process depending on the network traffic and the amount of network fees you included in your marketing.

Note: tokens and coins may provide on the various blockchain. Therefore, make sure that you are choosing the right network. Otherwise, you will lose your funds permanently.

  • Enter your security password and click on submit option
  • Now withdrawal process is completed

Contact Safepal Customer Service if anyone wants product assistance. The Representative suggests the right solution for any issues you face while withdrawing the cash.

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Withdraw SafePal Wallet Fee

The process to deposit and Withdraw Safepal Wallet is quite simple, making it popular among investors. You need to pay a transaction fee based on the network and token or coins you have chosen. Many crypto exchanges allow you to deposit coins for free in the wallet. Not all exchanges charge the same fee, so comparing the withdrawal fee from different networks is good. It will help you select the crypto exchanges with a minimum withdrawal fee.

Setup SafePal Crypto Wallet

If you have decide to use Safepal for trading, you need to set up both the hardware and software wallet. First, you need to download Safepal wallet then set up the Safepal crypto wallet, you move on to the next step. The user needs to install the Safepal app on the Smartphone and connect them to the hardware wallet.

It is hassle-free to use the Safepal application to navigate and finish the withdrawal or deposit crypto transaction. After successfully setting up the software crypto wallet, you can add tokens and coins. Once you have added the tokens, it displays in the wallet coin management section.

Security Features of SafePal Wallet

Security Features of SafePal Wallet

When it comes to choosing the wallet, the investor must check the security of the crypto holding. SafePal wallet comes with modern security features that keep coins safe from hackers. Therefore, the trader can stay peace of mind when using Safepal for storing Cryptocurrency. Let’s see what security features that access the wallet:

2 Factor authentication feature

The two-factor authentication system is the best security feature. The app uses it to verify the user during every crypto transaction.

Recovery Speed

Safepal offers 12 or 24 words recovery seed while setting up the user account in the wallet. Everyone must write down the recovery phrase and save them offline where the hackers cannot reach them.

High-Security Feature

In addition, the hardware wallet of Safepal comes with hack-proof EAL5+. It is an industrial-standard crypto chip in the financial world that stores the private key. When anybody tries to hack the device, it will delete the private key because it has to self-destruct feature. This feature makes the wallet popular among investors.

Offline Storage

SafePal also offers an offline wallet that lets investors store their coins and tokens securely. The hardware wallet connects to the desktop or Smartphone with the help of a USB cable. Remember, these wallets don’t use Bluetooth or wifi connection with your device. Thus, it reduces the risk of Cryptocurrency losses.

On the other hand, the offline crypto wallet has a key deletion tool for a user-friendly experience. It lets the user add or delete Cryptocurrencies with no difficulty. You can use the Safepal S1 Hardware Wallet for crypto investment and enjoy the aforementioned benefits.

Why Safepal Customer Support Service is Best?

Every company offers customer support service to keep consumers satisfied and happy. They hold technicians who have incredible soft skills and problem-solving abilities. So, you can contact Safepal Customer Service when facing issues with the wallet. The experts provide a solution for login issues, forgotten passwords, coins not being able to transfer, etc. The expert understands the client’s needs and provides them with a step-by-step solution over the phone.

You can contact the expert anytime you desire, such as by phone, email, and chat. Those who need instant solutions can use a phone or live chat. The experts are always ready to clear the customer’s doubts. On the other hand, professionals have in-depth knowledge about the product, ensuring that you get the right solution.

The company develops long-term relationships and satisfaction with users by offering high-quality customer service. Besides, the expert provides recommendations and solutions to deal with the Safepal wallet problems, resolving the issue before cropping up. Therefore, you can save time and effort by contacting the customer support team. That is why Safepal customer support is the best and if you have any issue so, you can easily get your query resolved through their experienced customer team.


Without compromising the security of the crypto asset, you can manage, store, and trade your portfolio with Safepal. By using the steps mention earlier, you can Withdraw the Safepal Wallet. You can contact the customer support team if you cannot be able to withdraw crypto from the wallet and get a quick solution.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Safepal belong to Binance?

A complete suite of crypto solutions was found by Safepal in 2018, making it accessible to both season crypto veterans and beginners. Additionally, Binance Labs made the investment as part of their incubation program, the first and only hardware wallet investment.

Is Safepal cold storage?

Keeping your coins 100% offline and in your hands is the only way to control them with SafePal S1.

Is Safepal a trusted wallet?

In general, SafePal is one of the best crypto wallets out there, suitable for beginners as well as professional investors, traders, and crypto enthusiasts. Investing in this cloud storage option is an excellent choice for investors who want a safe and affordable storage solution.

How does the Safepal wallet works?

Through encrypted QR code communications, the SafePal App connects with the SafePal S1 hardware wallet. You can manage your crypto assets through the SafePal App and lock them on the blockchain. You use an S1 hardware wallet to 2) keep your mnemonic phrase protected, and 3) approve transactions that flow out of your account.

What coins can I store in my Safepal wallet?

There are many coins that you can store on Safepal wallets such as Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and many more.


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