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In response to the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, reliable and user-friendly wallets are needed to store them. MyEtherWallet (MEW) and Trust Wallet are two of the most popular wallets for Ethereum-based tokens. There are several reasons why you may prefer one wallet over the other, regardless of the fact that they provide similar features and functionality. You can follow this guide to migrate your funds from MyEtherWallet to Trust Wallet if you previously used MyEtherWallet. To ease the Migrate MyEtherWallet To Trust Wallet, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide in this blog post.

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Steps To Migrate From MyEtherWallet To Trust Wallet

For this guide, we will be importing your Ethereum wallet using a keystore file, so we will migrate from MyEtherWallet to TrustWallet.

Step 1:-  Get the keystore file

With MyEtherWallet, you’re given the Keystore File and the password on your first use. Make sure the file is kept secure and the password recorded as you’ll need both to open the wallet.

Step 2:-  Getting the Ethereum address

You can access your wallet via your Keystore File by visiting and clicking on “Access My Wallet“, then clicking “Software“. You can now continue by clicking on “Keystore File“. Select “Access Wallet” after uploading your file, typing your password, and then clicking on it.

Step 3:-  Access wallet import screen

Select “Settings” from the Trust Wallet menu. You can access the Import screen by tapping the “+” sign at the upper right of the Settings screen. Click on Ethereum.

Step 4:- Import the keystore file

Enter the password” to decrypt the Keystore JSON file by opening the file, copying all its content, and pasting it into the Keystore tab. Once you have finished typing, tap “Import” to import the wallet. Give it a name so you will know what it is.

Step 5:-  Compare to an Ethereum address

Compare the ETH address” from the other wallet with the one in Trust Wallet after the import process is completed. If the two “addresses match“, then the migration has been successful. Congratulations!

Benefits of MyEthereum Wallet

Here are some fantastic benefits of the MyEthereum wallet that we are going to discuss

  1. By using MyEtherWallet, you can exchange fiat money, Bitcoin, Ethereum, and traditional currency directly within the application. In addition, this feature makes it easier for users to convert one coin into another without having to visit multiple platforms or exchanges.
  2. Considering My Ether Wallet is a desktop and smartphone application that is open-source, it is compatible with all mainstream operating systems like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc.

Benefits of Trust Wallet

  1. There are very few wallets that provide an outstanding user experience like Trust Wallet. Easy-to-use interface and intuitive navigation make it easy to navigate the app. Wallets like Trust Wallet are great for beginners or those who want a simple wallet for cryptocurrencies. To familiarize yourself with DApps and their capabilities, you may need to do a bit of research.
  2. There are numerous cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be stored in Trust Wallet, including Bitcoin, Ethereum Main Chain, and BNB Chain. That’s one of the main reasons, why you should import or migrate funds MyEtherWallet To Trust Wallet.


Migrate from MyEtherWallet to TrustWallet is a simple process that can be accomplished in a few easy steps. Be sure to have your seed phrases or private keys handy and follow the instructions carefully. If you migrate to Trust Wallet, you’ll appreciate its user-friendly interface, security features, and support for a variety of cryptocurrencies. If you’re new to cryptocurrency or already a seasoned user, Trust Wallet offers a convenient and reliable way to manage your digital assets. With this guide, we hope you’ve been able to successfully migrate from MyEtherWallet to Trust Wallet and are now able to enjoy using your new wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I reduce Ethereum gas fees on Trust Wallet?

Alternatively, you can wait for the congestion in the network to reduce and transaction fees to decrease, or manually set the gas fee for Trust Wallet.

Is it cheaper to move ETH or BTC?

There is a cost associated with Bitcoin and Ethereum regardless of which network they use. It has historically been the case that Bitcoin transaction fees have been lower than those for Ethereum transactions.

Does Trust Wallet have transfer fees?

In-app transactions and swaps can be done without any fees, though users are required to pay the network fee. Trust Wallet is free to use and does not require anyone to subscribe. This fee is customizable.


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